Nowadays, smoking is a very serious issue. Every day, more and more people start smoking. This extremely bad habit leads to terrible consequences and serious health problems. Though everyone knows this, they cannot stop. College students are not an exception since the majority of livelong smokers have begun to smoke cigarettes while being in high school or college. Therefore, smoking in college has become a very important public health issue and this led to many smoking bans to reduce the number of smokers.

Very often, students underestimate tobacco addiction and think that they may easily quit smoking. But tobacco addiction is very similar to drug one. For this reason, it is essential to never start doing this as you have all chances to fall into trap of nicotine addiction. This problem is difficult to manage but still it is possible if you put every effort to carve this habit out of your life.

Despite the fact that smoking causes many health problems, there are other troubles you may face. Students who smoke are more likely to have drug and drinking problems. They spend most of their time socializing with friends, going to parties which, in turn, lead to casual sexual affairs. One more crucial fact is that smokers have lower grades which result in academic problems; however, for this issue, there is a way out –

Taking into account all disadvantages students may face if they begin to smoke, it is very important to resist temptation and not to come under peer’s influence. Please remember that a cigarette does not give you something that you want. You may say that all your friends and classmates smoke and there is nothing wrong, why should not you do this? The answer is that you are a human and it is your right to be independent and free but not to yield to the herd instinct.

Open your eyes and you will see that our world is wonderful, especially without a cigarette in your hand!