Legalizing Marijuana Essay Example

Research Paper on Legalizing Marijuana

Nowadays medical and cultural aspects united with each other due to heated discussions dedicated to the use of medical marijuana. Although the use of cannabis is forbidden by the federal law, approximate statistics states that 15% of Americans have experienced its effects. However, researchers state that medical marijuana can have both negative and positive effects on human body. Among negative effects one can find the damage to the immune system, whereas positive aspect always presumes alternative forms of medication. Whenever fatally sick patients suffer from nausea, pain in various organs and reflect psychotic behavior, medical marijuana is prescribed.

However, federal government does not approve the drug for a regular use, but some states possibly will change the situation. However, one rule is definite – medical marijuana must be severely controlled by the federal laws. If you were assigned a task to write a research paper on medical marijuana, please realize that you will have to conduct a deep research for you main arguments. If you think that academic writing is your biggest flaw, do not hesitate to contact us right now and we will find the most suitable writer for your paper.

Medical marijuana can be effective for certain types of patients. Some case studies presented below state that marijuana is always used for the treatment of psychotic behavior among the young individuals. There is some evidence that various doctors support the usage of medical marijuana in certain cases under strict control of medical professionals as it is the most effective treatment. However, other doctors disprove the generally accepted concept that medical marijuana helps to the patients with fatal diseases. However, some research data cannot be disproved that medical marijuana mostly has positive effect on patients when conventional medicine does not reflect successful treatment. Whenever traditional medicine cannot cure patients with severe pain, medical marijuana can be the most effective pain killer. Nevertheless, the use of medical marijuana must be controlled by the federal laws in order to avoid possible misdemeanor cases.

Negative Side of Medical Marijuana

The use of medical marijuana must be thoroughly monitored as it can cause strong addiction among individuals. Some researchers state that such addiction can be caused according to the neurological bases. The users of cannabis suffer from addiction as certain brain parts are affected on the dopamine levels. In addition, according to researchers, the use of medical marijuana may add some risk to the cancer progress. Therefore, people are against frequent prescription of this remedy and offer severe regulations that must be introduced by the government.  Other researches by Shafer and Redda state that one should pay attention to the impact on society from the use of medical marijuana. Usually marijuana is associated with the drug abuse and may have drastic impact on society in general. Therefore, any cases of misuse of medical marijuana must be punished according to the laws to monitor the current state of addition. There must be certain restrictions for the use of marijuana, whereas every case of its usage must be documented and registered so that government will know about all patients that were prescribed to this unconventional medicine. Moreover, doctors must have clear guidelines to detect whether patients must be prescribed medical marijuana or not and predict possible outcomes of such usage. If academic research is too complex for you, do not hesitate to contact us at and buy a research paper according to your expectations.

Annotated Bibliography on Legalizing Medical Marijuana

If you are a freshman, you may not be familiar with what annotated bibliography presumes. The generally accepted rules state that annotated bibliography is a usual writing task which entails the enumeration of all sources that will be utilized the research paper according to their relevance to the discussion of the topic. It is not that easy to write annotated bibliography on the legalization of marijuana. Therefore, if you need any kind of writing assistance, do not hesitate to contact us as we employ the most diligent writers to work on your annotated bibliography. Whenever you decide to write your brand new annotated bibliography, do not forget that you have to list all sources and analyze their content indicating their central arguments. Moreover, in order to get good grade in your project, you have to select only credible sources, not random websites with anonymous articles on your topic.

Here is just an example on how to write annotated bibliography:

Shafer, Raymond. Marijuana – United States Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse. Washington DC: U.S. Government, 1972. Print.

It is a widely known governmental publication that offers explicit information about the use of medical marijuana. The first claim that reader might come across is that the usage of marijuana has drastically negative effects on our health and well-being in general. Moreover, it causes nothing more than negative behavior among individuals who have become cannabis addicts. Moreover, usually marijuana addicts are common students who skip classes and transform their way of conduct. However, the research findings presented in the publication have sustained numerous changes since much has changed from 1970. Therefore, students are able to compare the results and findings of this author with the abovementioned researchers.

Huba, George. Assessing Marijuana Consequences: Selected Questionnaire Items. Rockville: Public Health Service, 1981. Print.

Huba offered the documentation of various protocols that were gathered during the research of the topic. The book was published by the National Institute of Drug Abuse. In order to obtain the whole picture of effects of medical marijuana use, researchers must dedicate much their attention to the surveys, questionnaires and fill in the blanks tests that will help to get the needed data about the influences and impacts of marijuana usage.  Although ordinary people will show their reflection of the problem, this research will be indeed useful while conducting medical research. Medical research has to be closely related with the sociological research regarding legalizing marijuana. Do not hesitate to buy an annotated bibliography from if you cannot discuss your reading materials by yourself. Our experienced and skillful writers will eagerly do it for you.

O’Brien, Kevin, and Peter Clark. “Case Study: Mother and Son: The Case of Medical Marijuana.” The Hastings Center Report 32.5 (2002): 11-13. Web. 9 Apr. 2011.

The author of the case study reflected on the hilarious case that approves the use of medical marijuana. O’Brien described mother who used to quarrel with her son DD, the main subject of the issue. In order to help her child become socially active and adapt to societal requirements, mother conducted experiments with different forms of treatment. All traditional psychoanalytic sessions did not help and mother even tried a great deal of drugs in attempt to decrease the cases of violent behavior. The most hilarious in this case that when mother gave medical marijuana to her son, DD behavior completely changed. There were no more occasions with violent behavior, whereas DD got acquainted with new friends as if he was given a new lease of life. Moreover, he helped his classmates with home assignments. However, court decided to take DD our of mother’s custody for such act of misbehavior and law disobedience. Nevertheless, this case study is very cognitive for those who would like to promote the use of medical marijuana in a more anecdotal voice.

Grinspoon, Lester. “Marijuana Addiction.” Science, New Series 277.5327 (1997): 749-752. JSTOR. Web. 9 Apr. 2011.

The author of the article wrote about marijuana addiction through the lens of neuroscience. Lester Grinspoon presented vivid and profound scientific data against the legalization of marijuana, which mostly causes nothing more than addiction. Author mentions about the connection of brain with THC, whereas our brain does not have a reward center. Thus, marijuana causes addition among its users. The author shows specific examples on how this reward center works and presents its possible implications. Therefore, the topic of legalizing marijuana is presented from a completely different perspective. If you do not know how to write down all your ideas in annotated bibliography, please ask our diligent and talented writers to do it for you.

Goode, Erich. “Marijuana and the Politics of Reality.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 10.2 (1969): 83-94. JSTOR. Web. 10 Apr. 2011.

In comparison to the abovementioned discussion of legalizing marijuana in the medical context, Erich Goode discusses the topic in relation to the political aspect. The author claims that some politicians make anecdotal claims about medical marijuana misusage, which do not have any scientific evidence. Moreover, it is hard to define the “reality” of heated discussions dedicated to the legalizing of marijuana. Moreover, writer disproved some historically used notions that fight against the legalization of marijuana. Therefore, the article of Goode is very cognitive for those who promote legalization of medical marijuana, supported with relevant historical and political details on the topic. “Should Marijuana be a Medical Option?” N.p., 31 Aug. 2009. Web. 11 Apr. 2011.

This article is very useful for those students who would like to present both advantages and drawbacks of legalizing medical marijuana and its usage among patients and common people. One may find numerous reviews of physicians from various scientific fields on the use of medical marijuana. While promoting the use of cannabis, many doctors stated that it is indeed helpful and makes and indispensible element of the alternative treatment. Moreover, other drugs do not show such high efficiency rates in comparison to medical marijuana. Moreover, most physicians that participated in the research claim that this kind of treatment does not impact human health in a negative way, even of patients use medical marijuana on a permanent basis. Therefore, if students have not made their mind yet whether medical marijuana should be used or not, this is exactly the source to find all pros and cons and discuss the topic with more scientific details.

Redda, Kinfe. Cocaine, Marijuana, Designer Drugs: Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Behavior. 1989. Reprint. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2000. Print.

One more perspective has not been discussed – pharmacological. Redda Kinfe discusses the use of medical marijuana from a pharmacological perspective and provides vivid evidence on how it influences most of human organs, general behavior and brain in particular. Author gives explicit details on all processes that occur and are distorted in brain after marijuana usage. If you would like to disprove the use of medical marijuana based on the pharmacological standpoint, it is exactly the article you need to incorporate in your research paper. If you do not know how to utilize evidence in your paper to support your claims, our custom essay writers are ready to assist you right now.

Sydney, Stephen, Charles Quesenberry, Gary Friedman, and Irene Tekawa. “Marijuana Use and Cancer Incidence (California, United States).” Cancer Causes & Control 8.5 (1997): 722-728. JSTOR. Web. 10 Apr. 2011.

The article is very cognitive as it offers the links between the patients with cancer and usage of medical marijuana. Research conducted by the authors is more than deep and profound as approximately 65,000 citizens of California with different types of cancer took part in the experiment. All of them were exposed to the daily usage of marijuana. Moreover, researchers paid much to other influences such as alcohol consumption and smoking among respondents. However, researchers came to conclusion – people smoking marijuana believe to be exposed to a bigger risk of having cancer than ordinary citizens. If you would like to analyze the legalization of cannabis from a perspective of health conditions, this article must be taken into consideration.

Peterson, Robert. “Health Implications of Marijuana Use: A Review.” The American Biology Teacher 41.9 (1979): 526-529. JSTOR. Web. 10 Apr. 2011.

The author of the article discusses how fast medical marijuana transforms from the societal fad into the special treatment of patients with fatal and complex diseases. There are numerous facts that disprove the usage of medical marijuana on the societal level that are based on the cultural flaws. However, the aspect of legalizing marijuana must be discussed according to such categories as sex, health, demographics, etc. Moreover, the article of Peterson Robert deeply discusses how marijuana affects the motor skills, work of all organs, especially brain. Therefore, if one desires to promote or disprove the usage of medical marijuana, article by Peterson will be highly beneficial for its presented data obtained from numerous researches. However, if you believe that you cannot effectively cover the topic of medical marijuana usage and its consequences, we offer you to buy a research paper from us right now and make your life easier.

Shohov, Tatiana. Medical Use of Marijuana: Policy, Regulatory, and Legal Issues. New York City: Nova Science Publishing, 2003. Print.

It is the article which emphasizes on the importance of discussion marijuana usage from a historical perspective. Shohov presents much statistical data for readers’ comprehension, e.g. how many US citizens used to be marijuana addicts in relation to the federal laws. Moreover, author mentions about historical analysis of occasions when medical marijuana can be used and when it must be completely restricted. Moreover, Tatiana Shohov compared the recreational and medical usage of cannabis and its adverse effects. Nevertheless, readers of the book will not find any hints on whether medical marijuana should be legalized or not. The author simply presented the key details on the topic, excluding personal opinions. Therefore, if your task is to write a literature review or present background information on whether legalizing marijuana must be approved or not, the study of Tatiana Shohov will be suitable for your piece of writing.

Clark, Peter. “The Ethics of Medical Marijuana: Government Restrictions vs. Medical Necessity.” Journal of Public Health Policy 21.1 (2000): 40-60. JSTOR. Web. 28 Mar. 2011.

The author of the article dedicates much to the discussion of legalization of medical marijuana. In the beginning of discussion, Clark provides historical facts on the use of medical marijuana and its legal aspect. Clark mentions fact of the use of medical marijuana by various physicians in their practice, which were exposed to different studies. The author paid much attention to every case and the voting process among ordinary individuals. Clark mentions various cases about people against federal restrictions on the marijuana use. Clark states that this alternative form of medicine is highly effective for a number of cases, which means that government should be more loyal to the laws restricting use of medical marijuana.

Judging from the abovementioned, it is clear that it might be challenging to write a research paper on the legalization of medical marijuana due to various perspectives that exist in modern discussion. Therefore, why to spend days and nights on research if is eager to assist you? We will gladly help you with academic research, simply place an order online and wait for your paper!