Essay on Gender Roles

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Modern society has shaped certain gender roles in everyday activities. The world is facing certain stereotypes, where women are superior to men in different aspects of life. Usually women are described as being vulnerable, small and weak in relation to the opposite gender. Moreover, when referring to the art and literature, women are usually portrayed as being domesticated and accustomed to house work, which highlights their vulnerability and weakness.

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When referring to gender stereotypes, there is a poem by Kim Addonizio called “What Women Want?” shows how society wants to take care of women’s roles. However, usually gender stereotypes can be tested as numerous experiments are conducted to define the essence of stereotypes. For example, scientists are able to define whether stereotype of weakness is true or false, or just produced by members of society with no grounds. Women are considered to be superior to men and weaker in terms of health and endurance. However, females usually suffer from severe pain on a regular basis, which definitely proves that men cannot be considered as stronger. With the help of such experiments, one can identify which stereotypes are based on societal misconceptions.

Undoubtedly, there are certain reasons why women are considered as a weaker gender apart from stereotypes prevailing in society. Philosophers claim that women usually have intention to reach the consensus, which exposes them to severe criticism from the male representatives participating in discussion. Moreover, one should pay attention to essence of women’s physical nature. Numerous studies have been conducted based on quantitative measures to suppress assumptions based on women’s physiology. Some scientists indeed define women to be a weaker sex, stating that in no way it is gender stereotype based on gender roles. On the contrary, others claim that such scientific can be easily disproved based on the pain level and its tolerance among women.

Scientific Results vs Socio-Cultural Assumptions

Many scientists claim that women are more vulnerable when referring to the term “pain threshold.” Women often experience pain in a more severe nature due to the variety of endorphins and many other chemicals in blood that influence the pain threshold. Moreover, another reason why women can be considered as a weaker sex can come down to the report of Bob Calandra. He defined that when women are exposed to numerous tests that incorporate heat, cold, or pain test, usually it is women to first claim about discomfort. Although male counterparts are subjected to the same tests, they always take the second turn to report about certain discomfort. Thus, women are stated to be more sensitive and cannot experience numerous painful situations. However, when it comes to the perception of another physical pain, women tend to be endurable since their hormone level can be more subjected to significant changes in body due to menstruation. Such notion refers to the fact that women reproductive organs want to maintain stable hormone level for effective functioning. Therefore, in this respect, women cannot be considered as a weaker sex and gender roles here must be reconsidered.

Therefore, women usually have to deal with constant pain in different parts of body on a regular basis due to their body nature. Numerous scientists agree with the abovementioned facts and still conduct numerous researches to prove the claim that in no way women can be considered as a weaker sex. Due to chronic pain in some organs and hormones actions that are often undiagnosed, there is no need to state that women are usually vulnerable and susceptible in all terms. Moreover, it was established that men would not be able to suffer from such regular pains. Therefore, it is inappropriate to make any claims regarding the gender roles and superiority of one sex over another based on the physical nature.

Due to evolution, women are usually considered to be weaker than men, who are usually portrayed as strong and healthy individuals. Women have been considered as “gatherers” while men as “hunters.” Nevertheless, there are certain flaws in men’s physical nature that reflect the notion that men are weaker than women. It can be proved with the fact that usually males are on the top of suicide rate and suffer from different disorders leading to high crime rates. Researchers that focus their work on gender roles and differences have documented their researches well-supported with evidence. They state that what women want to prove is that one can reach desirable results regardless of their sex.

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