Dressing for the retro themed party

It is believed that current times can be called odd times. Why? Actually, we are surrounded by a great number of inventions and we use advanced technology on a regular basis. Our ancestors couldn’t even imagine that such gadgets would ever appear. Scientists have invented cars that can use solar power, cell phones that can even give directions, microchips where you can store much information. However, more and more people say that we should go back to the times when everything was much simpler. Retro party is one of the most frequently discussed topics. Would you like to organize your own party in a Retro style? If your answer is ‘yes’, then proceed with reading.

Do you know the historical background of Retro parties? As a matter of fact, such parties are held reflecting the period of 1970s-80s. Some say that even 1990s should be included in this list. Therefore, you ought to decide on the question, which generation you can call a retro one.

What can you do in order to show that your party is thrown according to 1970s, for example? In fact, you can bring beaded curtains, a few beanbag chairs or any other decorative signs. As a result, each guest will know what era it is. In addition, you can simply buy draperies of different colors and the place will undoubtedly be psychedelic.

Frankly speaking, the portraying of the 1980s might not be so easy since you can express this period only by wearing a certain garment. What about setting up a Nintendo Entertainment System? Thus, your guests will be given an opportunity to go to town. I must admit that Mario and Duck Hunt game can get people together.

The question about what to wear is very important. Before a Retro party starts, you should go several times to the costume shops. For instance, it would be a great idea to find hippie attire, headbands that are painted in the colors of the rainbow. It would be also quite necessary to consider legwarmers and arm bands. What is more, you can wear workout clothes.

Finally, how should you dress if you want to throw a Retro party of 1990s? We’ve found the answer! You need to buy a low-hanging pair of jeans and other baggy clothes. Moreover, we suggest you to turn your hat a little bit and to purchase really gaudy and colorful jewelry.