This paper seeks to examine the necessity of a medical home subject to the findings of the various research articles. This will be achieved through summarizing the findings as already established through the various researches in relation to the topic of the study. The paper will also address the steps that will be undertaken towards the implementation process of the research findings in practice. This will be a guideline to all the users of the available information in the field.

The barriers that one may encounter while implementing the findings of the study will also be pinpointed. This will ensure that the users of the information are aware of the risks involved. Therefore, they will be in a position to come up with strategic measures on how to counter these barriers. Finally, the paper will also address the three elements of practice that ought to be addressed such that they conform to the findings of the researches that were carried out.

Summary of Findings

Several studies have been carried in a bid to establish the contribution of medical homes in the provision of quality health care. According to Steven et.al (2011), it was clearly evident that new enrollees in various medical homes were perceived to access better primary care as compared to when they were not in the medical homes. This was as notified by the parents of the vulnerable children who had been enrolled in the medical homes in search of primary care.

According to a study carried out by Crabtree et.al (2011), it was noted that the models that were being implemented in provision of health care needed to be modified. This would ensure that required data and all the necessary resources were provided for in order to establish medical homes. It would help in the transformation process of the medical homes In the United States of America. Hollingsworth (2011) also established that most of the visits by patients to the physicians were those made by established patients. This created the need to have them catered for in a medical home where they had quick access to the physicians.

Solberg et al (2011) found out that most of the clinics that were being established throughout the nations soon disappeared. This created the necessity to come up with medical homes that would that provision of health care was not disrupted at any time. Rosenthal (2008) also established that most of the patients preferred medical homes in terms of provision of health care. This was because the patients’ level of satisfaction was established to be higher from those who accessed medical care from medical homes.

Steps to implement research findings in practice

It is extremely crucial for medical practitioners and the society at large to join hands in ensuring that there is provision of quality health care. This will be achieved through the appreciating and implementing the findings as presented above. This calls for the need to come up with steps that are to be followed in the implementation process.

One of the initial steps is the need to collectively fund the projects that will work towards the establishment of the medical homes throughout the United States of America. This will ensure that this preferred source of primary care is accessible to all the patients who seek its services. The funds will also be sued to install all of the necessary machines so as to ensure that the medical homes are in a position to cater for various conditions.

Another step would be the coming up together of physicians in a bid to provide the health care services in these medical homes. This would ensure that the necessary professionals are within reach in the medical homes. Eventually, the attainable satisfaction and quality delivery of primary care will be attained.

Barriers to the implementation of research findings

One of the barriers towards the establishment of medical homes is the lack of adequate funds to establish the medical homes. This can be solved through the involvement of the government in the process.

Another barrier could be the accessibility of the necessary machines in order to attend to patients. This could be resolved through approaching manufacturing firms such that they are able to sell the machines at a subsidized price.

Three element of practice that should be changed, based on the findings

One of the elements in practice that ought to be changed is the model of approaches that are being utilized in provision of medical care. This is as already established by Crabtree et.al (2011). This would ensure that the models implemented are cost effective. This is such that the patients subjected to these models are able to afford the services at the set fee.

Another element is the reasons behind the provision of primary care. This is because many of the clinics being established eventually disappear. This means that there is the need to ensure that the central aim of the service provision centers is provision of medical care. This would be achieved through the establishment of medical homes that are community based.

Another element that needs to be changed is in the view of chronic conditions. This means that there is the need for medical practitioners to create awareness to the patients on the need to receive medical care from within medical homes. This will ensure that they have particular physicians following up their conditions. This will lead to quality health care provided in the medical homes.

From the above analysis, it is evident that the establishment of medical homes will lead to improved social care throughout the United States of America.