No single girls this winter, got it? This is a new rule and you have to follow it. So, if there’s no hotty male around, you gotta fix this immediately and we’re gonna tell you how. Winter is coming, and it is the perfect time to get into a new lovely relationship.

Why You Should Want A Boyfriend in Winter

Okay, here are a few more reasons for you why a boyfriend in winter is what you need.

1. Heat
Every human being has natural body heat, so sticking together with another warm human being is just what you need not to get cold to death.

2. Dates
Romantic date ideas are the best in winter. You may dress really warm and can go skating, skiing, or just for a walk in the snowy park.

3. You don’t care how you look like…
…because it’s cold outside! So, who cares about your hair mess when you get out of bed or your red cheeks in the ice cold? You get weight a little in winter, but no one cares, because all the extra pounds are hidden under your sweatpants and whatever people wear in winter.

4. Presents for holidays
Holiday presents are among the best winter things that may happen to you, trust me! Picking a present and receiving one is a great experience for both of you.

5. Staying inside the house
You are staying indoors more often in winter and ignore the chances to go out somewhere. Moreover, money is what matters, because after the Thanksgiving and with the approaching Christmas and New Year you have to take care about your wallet and its constituents. So, staying inside the house will help you to use your finances wisely. What can be better if there’s someone else besides your cat to stay there with you and watch a movie or play Monopoly?