People are likely to travel more when the weather is warm. You can take fewer clothes, feel comfortable outside and sometimes even visit some fascinating places. However, taking your vacation during the wintertime can also be quite gripping as well as beneficial. There are a lot of places in Europe which look much better when covered with snow. Surely, there are minor disadvantages, like a long slippery road to the destination or no sunbathing, but visiting the most amazing winter places of interest is worth missing your summer holidays. Here are a few reasonable explanations why visiting Europe in winter is so profitable.

How to Create the Best Winter Vacation


What can be better than taking your honey for a walk under the endless vastness of stars in the shining Milan or Paris? You should not forget about a cup of hot cocoa and a piece of fruit cake to make your evening unforgettable. Moreover, if you find a place to enjoy the view of winter evening city and finish it with a passionate kiss, then the phrase “the happiest moment of my life” will not remain just a phrase.


As it has already been said, the majority of people prefer travelling during summer time. The result is increased ticket prices and sometimes even inability to order such a necessary ticket. When it comes to travelling Europe in winter, you can observe that ticket costs are considerably lower, and the availability of the tickets is much higher. Apart from that, if you search deep enough, you will manage to find the tickets for a really low price.


Every European country has a unique cuisine. Even if the names of the meals are the same, the flavors and the serving may be absolutely different. What can be better than to have a good, heavy and the most important hot dinner after the long walk on a chilly street? Your desire to get hot food will be even greater during wintertime, and the diversity of European meals will warm your appetite even more.


Taking your plane to the destination point in the days of holidays will significantly reduce the cost of a ticket. Who else will be as weird as you are and celebrate the New Year or Christmas Eve on the board of a plane? If you do not mind popping your champagne at the altitude of 10.000 feet, then there are no problems at all. However, you should be ready for the fact that most restaurants are closed during those Eves, so be sure that you get this information in advance.


If you are still wondering when to travel, here is a tip – indulge your honey and yourself and visit Christmas markets in Europe during the holidays. You might have never seen such a great variety of gifts, candies, jewelry and more than 1000 other items all over the holiday fairs. What about wine market? Cheese section? Everything that you can wish, you will find on one of those magnificent winter markets while travelling Europe in winter.