Every student before going to college asks the same question, “Am I ready to go to college?”. The question is obvious as, from the very kindergarten, children are being convinced that college is a new stage in their life and this is the stage which presupposes the whole future. It is an expected reaction that many students being at the final grade in high schools feel uncomfortable and even fear when starting thinking about the choice of a college. College seems as something very serious, and the fear to make a mistake may prevent students from being happy. They ask themselves whether they have to go to college or they should postpone this decision and spend one year working. I also had to make this decision and it was very hard for me. I spent days going to and fro without any aim and thinking about an answer. Finally, I made a decision and now I am a graduate in one of the best colleges in the country. I would like to share with you how I managed to reach the final decision and I hope my experience may help you make the right decision.

Steps for deciding whether to attend a college or not

1. Think about your future. Do you want to have a well-paid job? Do you want to have enough knowledge to do your favorite business without complications?

2. Think about your present. Are you ready to make the first steps right now? Are you ready to change your life to be more educated?

3. Think about your past. Did you think about going to college in the past? Did you wait for this moment when you could apply to college?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions mentioned above, you are ready to go to college. Don’t be afraid of it; each freshman in college had the same fears as you have. Besides, it may be no as difficult as you think as there are many people and companies that will be happy to make your college life easier. For example, there are many custom writing companies that are ready to assist first year students such as qualitycustomessays.com.