Are you thinking about taking a gap year? Do you want to get rest from studying? Gap years become very popular today. Some students want to think over their future plans, some decide to earn money to pay for their university themselves, others simply want to get a break and enjoy their life. However, taking a year off may be not a smart choice. That is why, you should consider all pros and cons of gap year.

• It is a great chance for you to mature and recharge.
• Gap year is a good way to gain new experience and do something you have never done in your life.
• You can find a job and earn money for your future education.
• You may acquire new skills or develop those that you already have.
• It’s a good opportunity to have the longest holiday in your life.
• If you’ve already decided on what you want to study, you may prepare for it.
• If you do not know what you want to major in, you have a lot of time to make this serious decision in your life.

• You can forget your basic study skills and experience problems with writing assignments. But do not worry as you may find a lot of useful information at
• You can simply waste your time and become lazy and unorganized. For this reason, it will be hard for you to study and properly manage your time.
• A year off may lead to further years off and you will never get education.
• As time flies, you will be older than your classmates.

As you see, there are many advantages and disadvantages of gap year. Therefore, before taking a break from studying, you should really think over and decide whether it is worth it!

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