I have bought one food good which was low involvement product and I also hired a service of a residential chef which I considered high involvement product. My first product i.e. mineral water was basically a low involvement product simply because this is a product that I but frequently and in fact with very minimal thoughts about it and efforts simply because it is not of vital concern to me and it doesn’t have any big impact on my lifestyle. The second product that I bought which hiring the services of a resident chef, is considered to be a high involvement product in the sense that I don’t often buy those kind of services and whenever am buying them, I tend to give it much thought because it is of much concern to me.

Before I hire the services of a residential chef am normally very particular especially the kind of training that they under went, the types of foods they can prepare. By using the five stage model of the Purchase Decision Process in the model of consumer buying behavior that is described in Module one ,here is a detailed description of the process I went through. To buy the low involvement product I didn’t give it much thought, fist I had a problem which was basically thirst, I really wanted to quench my thirst.

When doing my information search immediately mineral water came on my mind as a way of solving the problem .The third stage which involves evaluation of the alternatives did not make me think hard enough about the alternatives available concerning the various brands because I though water is just water the brand was not an issue. After the purchase I dint give it much thought either, the post purchase evaluation of that product didn’t need much thought .Buying my second product, hiring the services of a residential chef was a bit tricky in the sense that it took a lot of time.

I basically had a problem which required to be solved and when I went to do the information search I spend  a great deal of time thinking about what criteria I would use to I identify the best chef who will not make my life difficult and stress me for no good reason .At the stage of evaluation I basically had a lot of trouble in choosing the most qualified chef .The purchase process itself was characterized with a lot of complexities because various chefs and organizations that offer those kind of services had attractive prices but unfortunately they were not in  apposition to prepare my choice foods .The post purchase evaluation also got me thinking hard enough because I kept on thinking that I had made  the wrong decision to hire the services of a chef I didn’t know very well.

The difference in the two processes is great in many ways. When buying a product that is high involvement and that is low involvement. When buying the low involvement product I spend very little time in evaluating the various options that had come my way. First of all I had a problem which simply wanted me to solve by not necessarily require me to give much thought after all, thirst is something that can be easily quenched by any kind of cold soft drink. According to Remenyi, D. (2007) when it comes to problem recognition for the low involvement product, the problem normally presents itself within a very short period of time unlike when it is a high involvement product. At the second stage of the purchase decision process which basically entails information search, the low involvement product did not take me much time to think about some of the alternatives that I would have used.

The high involvement product which was about hiring the services of a residential chef ,took a great deal of time when I came to information search because apparently my ideal chef was to have a quite a number of attributes which took me a lot of time before I could arrive at. According to Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G. (2008)when it comes to evaluation of alternatives,a low involvement product doesn’t take much time and resource to go through some of the alternatives because if anything most of mineral water companies seem to have the same prices with very little variances. When I wanted to hire the services of a residential chef ,I had to look at it in a more critical way in the sense that ,hiring the services of one chef is not as low as that of the mineral water so I had to give it much thought  to avoid ending g up with very expensive service but not exactly what I wanted .

The post –purchase evaluation of the low involvement product that I bought did not come with a lot of risks because even if at all the mineral water that I bought was to be unsatisfactory ,then I would have simply went and bought another brand to quench my thirst. For hiring the services of a residential chef the post purchase evaluation was characterized with a lot of risks because I kept on imagining about the los that I would have made upon realizing that I had hired the services of the wrong chef, the dissatisfaction is so profound .Hiring a another chef and firing one would have been such a big loss for me.

Assuming that I am a marketer of both products I would use my in-depth understanding of the model of consumer buying behavior to market the product. The fist strategy that I would use will be to influence the probabilities of purchasing these products by being in a position to identify the various markets and segments of the product and the service. Another thing would be to assess the potential of the market by analyzing some of the competitive advantages .To successfully have a good understand some of my customers I will have to provide some specific goals and objectives for the actions that I will be intending to take. To be in a position to accurately know how successful my products and services would do in the market I will have to come up with measures for my intended success, to basically help me be in a position to evaluate my methods and strategies that I would have employed.

Like the model of consumer buying behavior suggest, I would incorporate the three concepts that are involved for instance the information processing, the purchase decision process and some of the influences. The first concept of how consumers process information can be enhanced by doing proper marketing which aims at giving the consumers enough exposure about the products and services I am selling .This can be done by capturing their attention, making them easily understand the product and services, accept it by retaining it in their memory so that whenever they have an urge and need to satisfy it, they simply go for my product or service.

Another thing would be influencing their purchase decision process by making my products and services easily recognized by them through the provision of more information about my goods and services (Harrell.G. 2008).I would also make it easy for them to evaluate the various alternatives by simply coming up with criteria that favors my products and make them purchase my goods and services more easily by removing obstacles, explaining to them where, how and when to get my products and services. Last but not least to enable my customers have an easy time during the post purchase evaluation by making them know what’s important to about my products and alley all their fears.