Why You Should Write by Hand

Nowadays, everyone has technology dependence, and it seems like many of us have keyboards attached to our fingertips most of the time. When did you write anything by hand? Do you remember? According to the research, our brains benefit greatly from handwriting. Here are several ways in which writing by hand helps your brain.

  • It Has a Calming Effect

When you are writing a soothing sentence, you exercise a kind of graphotherapy. By writing affirmations like, “I am becoming serene” for thirty times daily you will feel the calming effect. You will become more placid and as such an exercise rewires the brain.

  • It Coordinates the Hemispheres of Your Brain

By writing words or sentences by hand, you coordinate your brain’s hemispheres. But each of us uses both parts of our brains with the different depth.

  • It Boosts Learning

One of major handwriting benefits is that it greatly increases our success in studying and acquiring new information. This is because the process stimulates the brain’s Reticular Activating System. This part of brain filters all the incoming information and prioritizes things in your immediate focus while you are writing. According to the recent studies, the areas of the brain which are related to learning are stimulated much more when we are jotting down the information rather than simply concentrating on it.

  • It Keeps You Focused

You will probably agree that your laptop is a master at wasting your time. You are constantly distracting while trying to work on computer. Sure, there are numerous great things about the internet, as well. However, if you find yourself checking your Facebook or Pinterest every 10 minutes, try working on your academic paper with a pen and paper and write by hand. You will definitely appreciate the lack of distractions which are common on the Internet.

  • It Keeps Aging Minds Sharp

Writing by hand is a great option for baby boomers striving to save their minds’ sharpness as they age. Handwriting helps to keep the mind bright and to solidify memories. So if you want to sharpen the aging mind and boost your memories, try keeping a handwritten journal.

  • It Enhances Memory

Probably, taking notes on your laptop is quicker and more convenient, but have you thought that writing down those notes improves your ability to remember all that information later? Many studies show that writing by hand better enhances memory. Among developing children, those ones who write by hand have much stronger memory.<

  • It Activates Your Brain

Writing by hand stimulates you to use more of your brain. The parts of brain which are responsible for reading are stimulated only with handwriting. The key difference here is movement, which engages the motor cortex of brain so you are activating bigger area of your brain while writing by hand.