Youth is a suitable period not only for getting education. It is also the perfect time to meet your beloved. That’s why gives you the pieces of advice in this kind of delicate sphere.

There are nonverbal signs of a pure feeling listed below:

•Eye contact

Glances. Stares….. Those who are in love just cannot help it. In such a way a person’s true feelings of love towards another person are revealed.

•You are heard

The person who loves you wants not only to know all your problems, but also is ready to find the solution to all of your sorrows. The person in love provides you with comfort and offers reassurance.


Does he surprise you with a bunch of flowers without a special reason or does he leave sweets in an unpredictable place for you? If somebody cares about random presents for you, this person CARES ABOUT YOU.

•Spontaneous touching

Men are more tactile than you think! The fact that he doesn’t lose any possibility to touch your hand, for example, during dinner or a walk means that he wants to be closer to you. Perceive those little squeezes as signs of love.

•He changes plans to be with you

If the man prefers spending time with you to sitting with friends in the bar watching some game, it means that he is really crazy about you.

•Introducing to friends

The man in love is not afraid to show his girlfriend to his buddies. He realizes that friends might not approve his choice, but he doesn’t care.

Of course, there is no universal key to happiness, but we hope that this information would help to avoid heartbreak for at least one person.