Executive Summary

Executive Office Concepts is a company which offers a wide selection of high quality furniture which integrates some of the latest technologies to satisfy the needs of the executive-level consumer who does not mind integrating technology into their working environment. EOC targets customers who own small businesses, those who prefer to work from home, and corporate executives.  The company aims at providing it’s customers with the highest quality furniture which results in enhancing the appearance of any executive person’s office thus making the working conditions comfortable and more conducive for working.


The company aims at becoming the number one provider of the best quality furniture which encompasses the use of the best and the most recent technology in their designs, to suit the best interests of their target customers, and also to satisfy the 16.4 million potential customers, a number which is expected to be growing steadily at a percentage of 1.7% annually.


The company, being small and new to the scene, is already facing competition from the already existing furniture producing companies. These are among the challenges the company has to work towards combating, to ensure that their sales remain high as they have always been.

The company has an added advantage because, unlike the other companies they offer a variety of furniture designs which are the best quality, and have already attained a very successful sales growth rate. The company has also laid out a number of ways through which they are going to reach a larger number of their target customers and also beat their competition. These include developing interactive websites, improving their marketing programs by publishing catalogues, and advertising their products by passing on information about their products to their customers.  The use of market research will also be integrated into the company’s system to ensure that feedback from the customers is carefully analyzed, and actions put in place so as to improve on any problems discovered from the research. The Company will also ensure that its employees are professional and that they provide a customer- friendly environment which will make their customers feel appreciated and hence encourage more sales, thereby making profits for the company.


Executive Office Concepts has already established itself as a company which offers the best quality designs in office furniture, for mostly the high- end business people. Their customers are mostly interested in quality furniture and it is because of this reason, that their high prices do not deter the company from making sales. Though the company faces a challenge from the already existing and influential furniture providing companies, the strategies they have laid out to both increase their target customer base and beat their competition, are expected to ensure that the company makes a name for itself in the furniture industry and also manages to continue making higher sales like they have done in the past.

The current team which is comprised of very experienced employees is expected to implement the suggested strategies in a timely and fashionable manner. This will ensure that the company’s goals and objectives are fulfilled. Through the combined efforts of all the employees, the company is expected to even come up with more improved and technologically versed office furniture, to ensure that they continue producing the best quality furniture in the  industry. The company is bound to face competition from other companies who will try to come up with better designed furniture. However, the fact that Executive Office Concepts has already established itself as a high- end producer of the best quality furniture designs which are technologically- based, will ensure that they remain at the top.

Through the institution of monthly market research, the company will ensure that the present and future wants of their customers are projected and handled with utmost precision. The research will also go a long way in increasing the company’s sales. It will also lower considerably the expenses incurred in marketing their products, due to the guarantee of quality that they will have offered their customers.

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