Marketing strategy is a method that one uses to increase sales and use limited resources to reach to it optimum profits and maintain a competitive environment. In this particular situation the business at hand is named PRIMETECH College which is located in a remote African town this is meant to train the nursery school teachers most of whom are untrained, school dropouts to take care of fragile minds of children which is meant to be by highly educated professionals.

This is a stage in children’s lives that is most crucial that the slightest bit of poor management can lead to poor learning (Laermer, & Mark, 2007). The strategy here is come up with a basic foundation of to having a stringent initiative to come up with projects that will satisfy the market and make it the individuals opt to choose my high service institution.

Promotional strategy can be used in the making for it to be in an institution that will be in a place where there is a high demand for the institution on conducting a prefeasibility test on the kind new methods of teaching and the various early childhood education techniques that are used by the different institutions and discover the new options that can come up with new initiative ideas for growth (Laermer, & Mark, 2007).

We have to establish the costs by other institutions and ensure that in as much as we are delivery quality education; we also have to make sure that the college is cost effective. We need to get the number of people with qualifications in the area and who have not had a chance to get higher education. In this way, we can come up with a strategy to get people to join with scholarships and have a way of paying the fees in installments. While coming up with an interactive way of helping the community.

The location of the school should be convenient enough to be accessed by the students and equally so in an area that is quiet for study (Miles, 2003). The advertising measures have also to be out in place to make more of our potential customers aware of the college and the benefits which are to be achieved. The other competitors are to be analyzed so that I can figure out the mistakes made in the business in terms of the methods used and the way to have it’s a high excelling institution. We need to have facilities that are up to date and are also meant to bring the young children to the know-how of technology.

We estimate that if we have it together with a boarding facility it is going to be beneficial to those from far. The goal is for the children to be well taught and their teachers of high integrity. I am going to specialize on a marketing strategy that is meant to have market dominance in the sense that it will be more advantageous to the community and bring about growth. This involves Leader in which I will take responsibility to come up with proper rules of progress that will see to the growth of the company and in the same way will be a way of encouraging the subordinates by giving them incentives for a job well done.

This way, they will have the morale to work hard and bring in more profits to the company. I will take leaf from the pioneers in the business and in the same learn from their mistakes and not do the same mistakes that they made and take it upon myself for it as a challenge to bring forth a better institution than the rest one that will be will be on the lips of every one when it comes to the education sector.

My institution will be more of people oriented by this I meant I will take it upon myself to conduct a research for the ideal institution that the people would like and what kind of facilities they think will help them achieve their dreams (Bradley, 2005). This will also have to involve more of professionals in the field who will make it easy to bring about an ideal facility. It will also have employees from the local community as well as lecturer who are from well respectable educational backgrounds. This is a way of giving back to the society.

A strategic scope will also come in handy as it will also involve the getting into the market and getting ways in which the focus is more detailed to only the education. The legal factors, such as the validity of licenses in the education ministry and ensuring that the teaching fraternity is also qualified will be analyzed. All the necessary papers have to be acknowledged and accredited by the rightful authorities for which after an inspection can give a permit. Social factors also have to be considered and this will be in terms of the dress code in the facility and the various necessary to avoid any vices that contravenes the integrity and the morals of the society. So in this way, the college is one that will uphold strong religious policies to ensure that the children also get to be spiritually upright.

With the new changing syllabuses attributed to different changes in the society and curricular, we have to be ready to accommodate any of these changes by having a constant training to our teachers.