PRIMETECH College is a facility that is meant to provide quality services to nursery school teachers in the remote place in Africa; this is because these nursery schools teachers are considered as the most important people in the education of a child and their impact will be realized on the child’s life thus shaping the educational background of a child who will end up liking of disliking education as a result of the first experience with their teachers. It is noted that most of the nursery schoolteachers are untrained or even school dropouts and thus they tend to offer the young children with an unprofessional education (MarketValueSolutions, 2010).

The college is currently facing a lot of stiff competition from other tertiary institutions that offer the sane kind of services to the students they enroll in them. This provides them with quality services that are a threat to the survival of PRIMETECH College; thus the management has engaged in exercises that will device a survival strategy for the company. This is through designing a Market Matrix that will provide the organization with the authority of offering an increased number of products. Additionally it will ensure the college diversify and at the same time penetrate more into the market (Miles, 2003).

The following is a Product/Market Matrix to be used by the PRIMETECH College as a way of offering its competitors with the necessary competitions and thus ensuring that the college maintains its position in the education flied. At the same time ensuring that it diversifies its services to attract more and more customers into joining the college.





Current products of PRIMETECH  college Modified  products of  PRIMETECH college New  products  of  PRIMETECH  college
Curent market for PRIMETECH  college


offering education courses to the nursery teacher.


– introduce sponsorship programs   to bright and less privileged students.


-provision of accommodation to students from far locations.
Extended markets for  PRIMETECH  college


-increase the  numbers of  nursery school teachers that enroll  to  join the college -introduce attachments to the teachers who are studying in order to improve there performances.


introduction of different education courses to the college students.
New  markets  for  PRIMETECH college


admitting teachers of the primary schools and any person interested in early childhood education and development.   


reduce the  fees that the  students pay  in order to attract  more  students into the  college  and also  increase  the  rates of  advertising.


introduction of the colleges own nursery and primary school in order to test there skills while studying.

Targets of PRIMETECH College

PRIMETECH College is a college that aims at improving the levels of education in our African schools; this is by improving the levels of teaching in the nursery school. The institution is sited as the most important institution in any learning activity (Tzu, 2010). The target of this college includes all the interested parties in the education system and especially the people who are aspiring to be the teachers of the nursery schools in the future. This is because they are considered the most respectful people that are involved in the education of the children at this tender age (Miles, 2003).

The second target are the school dropouts and the practicing untrained nursery school teachers, this is because the school provides them with the basic training that is necessary for them to deliver their teaching experience to the young once professionally without inflicting fear and tension on them. This ensures that the young ones are in the position of enjoying education at a very tender age (Tzu, 2010). This will yield positive results to the educational system since the young ones will be interested in education as a result of that good foundation.

The other target is the children that are in the Nursery and Primary classes; this is one vision of PRIMETECH College that is aimed at ensuring that all the children are accorded the best quality of education (Laermer, & Mark, 2007). For this reason the college will open up a primary and nursery school that will be used as a practical facility for the school and at the same time it will provide the company with extra finances that will ensure that the college gets extra income for its operations.

Services to be offered by PRIMETECH College

The main objective of the PRIMETECH College is to offer quality training to the nursery school teachers, and the college will strive at fulfilling this objective to the fullest, despite offering quality education; the college will also offer other services to its students (MarketValueSolutions, 2010). This is in efforts aimed at examining them to ensure that they are well prepared to take up their new jobs and perform their duties more professionally. It also ensures they are effective and at the same time they stay in the college is comfortable.

In the efforts aimed at overseeing that they are well qualified to perform their   respective duties more effectively they are placed on compulsory attachment on the nursery schools that are within the college and thus they will be examined from the ways the handle the children. To make it easier for the student the school will offer the students with affordable accommodation and food in order to attract the students from far places (Tzu, 2010). The general objective of this college is to offer the training teachers with professional kind of handling the nursery school children; thus this will result the improvement in the quality of education in Africa.