The business informational needs would be very important as they would make up the business profile. The information which the customers would need so much about the business would include the following;

Postal Contact address

Physical address

Website to contain;



Organization achievements

Organizational management

The business will therefore ensure that all the information pertaining to this information are readily made available to the people to ensure that positive image about the business is formed in their minds  (Cappo, 2003).


Personal selling will not really be required. The business is very big and complex systems which make the process of communication on the personal basis not only are tedious, but also in effective.

The business however will strive to uphold effective communication and interactions with the customers in a sufficient way to ensure that customer support is adequately given and maintained (Adler, Rosenfield, & Townee, 1995). This will however be given through the website, the ‘contact us’ option for direct communication with the company personnel representative will be provided. This will contain the in built email where the customers can send their requests for business response.

In addition, it will also contain the hotline telephone numbers to ease the communication with the customers. One of the numbers to be used in this situation will be toll free to the customers as the company will cover the cost. This will enhance effective business and the customer communication.

Training to communication personnel

For most effective and accurate communication, the business will ensure that;

The business will therefore employ trained personnel to manage this modern communication system. The people who will be employed to handle the customer calls will be well trained and properly informed about the products and services which the company will be offering so as to give the most accurate and relevant feedback to the customers (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2008).

The personnel who will be responsible to handle mails will be well trained in the information technology, specifically the computer studies in addition to the business orientations.

Incentives to communication and sales personnel

The sales force will be given their basic salary and a variety of benefits in relation to the kind and quality of work that they do. The following will be some of the areas where the employees will be able to benefit from the company;

The sales personnel will be liable to receive commission on in relation to the amount of the sales which they do to the business.

The sales personnel will be in a position to accumulate points with every successful sale which they make to the company. These points would then be channeled to the reward scheme where the employees will be rewarded fairly and in good values.

Evaluation of sales

The evaluation of sales performance will be based on the quantity an individual sell in a given period of time. Equal and fair opportunities will be given to everybody to showcase their work skills and success for good rewards


The business communication objectives will be aimed at customer satisfaction. Therefore they would be stated as;

To give the timely relevant information to the customer requests

To capture accurately the customer needs and orders to be worked on

To give the customers the most easy way to communicate and interact with the business


The business communication strategies are the ways meant to increase the business image profile among the customers (Adler, Rosenfield, & Townee, 1995). The development of positive image about the business in the mind of the customers would prove to be very important to the business management and success.

Advertising mediums

The internet will form the major advertising medium for the business. The business will make use of the end user related soft wares and programmes to integrate with other soft wares to relay the business information to the people who form part of both the existing and the potential customers.

Public relations

The public relations programmes would begin from the recruitment of the relevant people to give the business the positive outlook to the outsiders. The business will consequently maintain this positive image by:

Offering high quality services and products to the customer

Being pro active to customer needs rather than being retro active

Delivering the customer needs in time, in the right place, right quantities, qualities and right specifications (Christina Spurgeon & Spurgeon, 2008).

Sales promotions

The sales promotion to be used in the business would include;

After sales services;

This will include transport of the goods purchased to the customer premises.

It will also include the provision of warranty to the goods produced and sold to our customers.

Provision of technical advices would also be used in places where it would be possible to be applied

Direct advertisements would be held with very high esteem. Two major forms would be used:

The use of business website to relay major information to the business customers

Use of the online generated and developed advertisements

NOTE: In some other rare cases, television advertisements during the prime time programmes will also form part of the promotional activities.


The major way to measure the success of the advertising and promotional activities will majorly be based on the amount and volume of sales. The sales would then be departmentalized for the effective management and evaluations (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1999).

This is possible to make out by comparing the achieved and the planned levels of sales. This will provide direct link in the level of success. Control mechanisms would then follow to make the necessary corrections.