Today, students face a lot of problems. They are overloaded with all the stuff and do not know how to cope with all troubles they experience. Students feel themselves hopeless. Very often, young people experience anxiety, depression, nervousness, irritability, etc. There are a lot of reasons why they are so perplexed. Many students experience homesickness which leads to depression. They miss their family, home, and native land. They have no friends and want to leave everything and ran away. Others cannot cope with all assignments as the deadlines are very tight and tasks are too difficult. Some students get into trap of parties, alcohol, and drugs. They have no time for studying since they want to hang out with new friends.

We all are different, therefore, we encounter different problems. However, no matter what kind of problem you go through, there is always a way out. It is your choice what person to be and how to live your life. But you must be wise and do right things. You should be ready for difficulties and know how to overcome them. College is one of the most important lessons in our life. If we survive it, we will survive everything. That is why, if you get into situation when you want to ran away, stop and think about your future. Your future life will not be easy. It will bring many obstacles but they teach us how to survive in this world. Remember that college is not the most difficult thing in your life. So, if you have no time and have too many papers, brace yourself. Manage your time, put all efforts and you will definitely cope with all tasks. Moreover, will gladly help you to overcome college problems easily. Be strong, patient, self-confident, never stop at what has been accomplished, and you will get success not only in college but in your future life. Do not let some hardships destroy you!