Internet has played a major role in our daily lives. In fact I will not be cheating when I say that today the whole world depends mostly on the internet and it has become a basic need instead of a luxury. The establishment of the usage of the internet in the marketing industry has boosted the direct Marketing process greatly over the whole globe. Transactions have been simplified as the channels involved in the whole process have been minimized making it more efficient and effective (Gurton, 2003).

Direct marketing is done through posting of advertisements known as ads on the websites. The ads are displayed on various home pages of websites through animations and other colorful pictures which attract users of the World Wide Web (WWW). Different companies acquire space on the websites like Google which they subscribe the recommended fee which enable the running of the websites (Russelsmith &Taylor, 2004).

With accessibility of the internet, customers are able to view and have a clear knowledge about the existence of the commodities/products from any part of the globe as the manufacturers display all the required information on their websites. This gives the clients prior knowledge about a given product before making the purchase. They are also able get access to all the details relating to the product i.e. the quality, the quantity, the prevailing prices in the market, the date of manufacturing, and the relevant costs incurred in both production and transporting the commodity to the desired destination (Jones & Silverstein, 2009). The internet has made the world to be a small place, in other words, people can access different information of different products from the internet.

In conclusion, the internet has played a crucial role in the marketing industry. This is because products produced in different countries can be accessed at one point with millions of people viewing the product. All that one needs to have to access information about a product is an internet connection and a phone, laptop or a computer.