Regular physical activity is very essential for humans. It prevents chances of heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Exercising helps body’s systems to function better. It has a huge positive effect on our health – it stimulates our brain activity and raises our mood. Even a little physical activity increases our chances to live longer. Then why a lot of students are looking for different excuses for not exercising while in college? Very often students claim that they have no time for doing exercises or they are tired. However, the importance and all the benefits of exercising in college outweigh all these fake excuses. If you don’t believe, will try to convince you.

Doing exercises boosts your immune system and academic performance. People who exercise regularly are healthier. Exercising is especially important in college since in order to perform well, you should attend lectures, thus you should stay healthy. Remember that 30-60 minutes of exercising four-five times a week will keep you healthy and bring you good academic results. You should also note that cardiovascular exercises improve the flow of oxygen to the brain. The more oxygen a person receives, the more effectively he/she does mental activities.

Exercises prevent weight gain. Many freshmen experience problems with weight gain due to college food and stress. That is why it is highly important to perform regular exercises in college. So if you want to be healthy and have a neat figure, do not be lazy to exercise.

Exercising improves your sleep. It is clear that many students experience sleep problems in college as they are overloaded, nervous, and cannot cope with all stuff. For this very reason, it is recommendable to exercise as even walking for 20-30 minutes a day can help you sleep better, thus improving your academic performance.

Take into account the abovementioned and begin exercising since it can change your life!