A presentation is the best way to convey ideas. Visual learners will undoubtedly agree with me. That is the reason why presentations are widely used in the learning process. If to speak about the ultimate tool for creating presentations, many of us will think of PowerPoint. The truth is that if you wish a presentation with some flair, this program is a bit heavyweight and old-fashioned to create one. QualityCustomEssays is going to reveal you the secrets of creating a killer presentation with the help of brand new digital alternatives to Power Point:

  • Keynote. The tool that practically makes the process of creating a presentation enjoyable. It is available on each Apple product (either iPod or iPhone). It offers new slide transitions and 3D or animated charts. You can use a full-screen view for the information to be presented from your device or you can opt for video mirroring to show the info on HDTV. You get the possibility to preview your slides as well as stay on track with the help of clock and timer, while the audience is privy to the main screen. It is very useful for pacing yourself in a proper way. What is more important, the app allows to record the voice and set slide timing in case you can’t be present at the presentation. Keynote is available for about $10.
  • Prezi. It is a presentation tool for next generation that combines the idea of visual mind-mapping as well as zoomable user interface. Prezi’s in and out zooming allows better conveying your thought process and for the audience – better understanding of the matter. You can customize your presentation from scratch or use some of the templates. It is a cloud-based tool which allows you to have access to your presentation, add images, videos, PDF files and texts from anywhere. Here is a detailed video tutorial for you to learn how to master the using of the tool. Your first presentations will be free of charge. Later you will be offered to pay about $60 for using the tool for a year.

We hope that with the help of the mentioned above tips you will be able to create killing presentations that will improve your grades. Remember that our service can also influence your grades in a positive way. I speak about your only high grades for academic writing assignments done by our highly qualified writers. Do not hesitate to become our customers!