Conversation Tips for Shy People

Do you have troubles communicating with other people? Are you no stranger to sweaty palms and heart jumping out of your chest? If the answer is “Yes”, you should definitely read the conversation tips we have collected for you.

  • Use Visualization

First of all, you need to have a positive mindset before you go to some event where you will meet unfamiliar people. Imagine that you are a highly sociable person. Visualize yourself as a brilliant interlocutor, who can easily be the life and soul of any party. If you make yourself believe that you are a self-confident, relaxed speaker, you will make great progress in overcoming shyness.

  • Smile

Show your company that you are approachable and willing to talk to them. A sincere smile is the best way to do it.

  • Take the initiative

Don’t wait for someone else to start the conversation. Instead, be the one who says hello first. You can compliment people you want to talk to on their shoes or ask them simple questions, which may concern them. For instance, “How do you like the food here?” or “What’s your hobby?”

  • Listen Actively

Do not try to come up with something to say while the other person is talking to you. It is much better to be attentive to what they say and make comments on that information

  • Ask Questions

Sometimes it happens that you are desperately looking for something to say, but your mind goes blank. In this case, ask questions to make your conversation partner talk more.

  • Do not be Afraid of Pauses

It is not a big deal if an awkward pause occurs in your conversation. It doesn’t mean that your talk has to stop there. Just switch the theme of your conversation by commenting on the surroundings or asking some simple questions.

  • Admit your Shyness

Your inability to keep a conversation going can be misinterpreted. That’s why it’s better to let people know that you are quiet because of your bashfulness and not because you are not interested in talking to them.

  • Imagine Talking to Someone you Know

When you have to talk to stranger, imagine how you would feel and how you would behave if these people were you close friends. Remember how comfortable and secure you feel when your friends are around you and keep this feeling in mind.

And finally, the most important thing is to be relaxed. Even if you say or do something that will make you feel awkward, take it as training of your communication skills. You learn from your mistakes, and that means the next time you will do much better. As they say, practice makes perfect.