All students take it for granted that getting into Harvard is too challenging. Many young people stop themselves from applying simply because there are too many rejections. Indeed, the university admission committee approves only 1,670 out of 40,000 applicants annually. Nonetheless, this number does not suggest that you should not try out your strength and better choose another school. Based on my personal experience of being the member of admission committee at Penn, I may confidently say that ordinary students, just like you, have good chances to enter Harvard. Do you want to find out how? Start asking correct questions!

Do I have chances to study at Harvard?

Wrong question! The correct one is:“Am I the best student in my class?”

On the contrary, the best student does not mean the one with the highest GPA. In order to consider yourself to be at the top, you should have high grades and be able to complete challenging coursework. Does it mean you should choose the most difficult curriculum available at your educational institution? Yes! Such curriculum usually includes science, math, English, history/social science, and a foreign language. In addition, you should perform at the highest level in each subject until you are a senior. So, if you want to get into Harvard, make sure you find the most challenging subjects offered in your school and excel in them.

Now it is the moment when I get many questions from future Harvard applicants. Do I still qualify if I choose to substitute a foreign language class with one more science class? Is it okay that I was an A and B student in the tenth grade, but now I get only As? What if I am a B student, but also involved in interesting extracurricular activities?

I often answer that there are always exceptions. However, you should be aware of the fact that all the circumstances named in the above-mentioned questions significantly decrease your chances of getting into Harvard. Usually, it is not good to drop a subject that constitutes one out of five major areas. Also, it is not good to have many Bs. Furthermore, it is not good to substitute good grades with appealing extracurricular activities.

So, in order to get into Harvard, you should consider yourself the top student, not one of the top. Is it okay to have one or two Bs? Yes, it is totally fine. Thus, if you believe in your strength and able to face challenges during college admissions process, the university is certainly for you.