Congratulations! If you’re reading this article, you’re deeply concerned about your future and this is very good for you. You’re reading this because you want to get better grades, and you hopefully want to reach them to become a good specialist and be a success. I can also congratulate you, because it’s not just “another article on the topic”. It’s my firsthand experience organized in understandable easy-to-follow tips. This is what made me a grade A student. And you know what? I became a grade A student not because I’m so intelligent or I had ideal teachers. It happened because of a smart weekly routine and a little bit of determination and self-discipline. Plan and include these 7 points into your weekly timetable and you will start noticing that things are changing for the better.

1) Sleep

Let’s face it, sleep deprivation won’t make you a better learner, even if it was caused by preparing for the tests. In fact, the lack of sleep reduces your concentration, makes you more anxious and has a negative impact on your health. Sleep at least 8 hours a day in order to give enough rest to your body and let your mind memorize the material that you have learned. So, first things first – provide time for sleep in your timetable.

2) Self-care time

You need this time in the beginning and in the end of each day. Self-care activities include getting up, dressing, washing in the morning and the reverse things in the end of the day.

3) Mealtimes at home

When does your family regularly eat? Mark off this time as well as your breakfast time.

4) Commuting and school time

It includes time that you spend going to school and the hours, which you spend at school.

5) Hobbies or part-time work

This section can also include all other things that you do outside the school. They can be sport activities, mediation, writing blogs etc. Mark off the time for these things if you’re doing them on a regular basis.

6) Exercise

If it’s not the part of your daily routine, then you should definitely make it a part as soon as possible. Exercising makes your brain work more productively and keeps you in shape both physically and mentally.

7) Time for study

When you have included everything into your schedule, it’s time to add your study time. I advise you to dedicate the following amount of time for studying sessions:

• For 11th year – 60-90 minutes per subject a week.
• For 12th year – 5 hours per subject per week.
• For 13th year – 6.5 hours per subject per week.

Trust me, you need to put this exact amount of time per subject a week for each respective year in case you want to become an A grade student. If you think that it’s too much, you should understand that if you want to become an excellent student then you need to give up something else. You can’t be everywhere and do everything. Being an A grade student requires determination, self-discipline and a little bit of sacrifice.

All time that’s left is your free time. Spend it any way you want!