Study Habits of Successful Student

What are the best ways to study? The truth is that there are no magic rules here. Every person has his/her idiosyncrasies; what works for others may not work for you. There are so many options there and it seems that everyone has their own opinion on this subject. However, there are some studying habits that can increase your productivity, no matter which method you’re using for studies. Once you start applying these habits into your daily academic routine your results will definitely get better.

  • Find the tight place

    the right time. For some people the best time to work is in the morning, for some in the evening and for others at night. The same concerns noise levels: there are people who prefer to work in complete silence and there are people who are used to working with some background noise or music. Study yourself, see what works best for you and apply it to your study routines.

  • Get Organized

    This means constant planning. You need this because you can’t afford to find yourself in the situation when you have two missed deadlines and you don’t even know about it. Even if you dislike planning, just sit once a week and take a close look at your deadlines in order to make sure that you still can make everything on time.

  • Better study little but often

    We all have high-energy days and low-energy days. That’s a fact. In case you adopt “study little but often” philosophy, you can afford to work less and more slowly on the low-energy days, because you will know that it won’t affect the overall result that much.

  • Take breaks regularly

    This rule corresponds with the previous point and it actually has a scientific basis. 2 hours of concentrated work will be much less productive than four 30-minute sessions with 5-minute breaks in between. Once you complete one 30-minute session, reward yourself with a short break and then get back to work.

  • Mix your study methods

    You can have one favorite learning style, but you shouldn’t use it all the time. Mix different study methods to inject variety into your studies. This will definitely broaden your skills and experience.

  • Reread your notes regularly

    When you do this, than the information that you’re reading goes to your long-term memory and can be easily used anytime you want. That’s one of the greatest habits that good learners have. One more trick – link the information that you’re trying to memorize to something you already now.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance

    Students are often afraid to ask their teachers for help. Somehow, they forget that teachers are there to help students and that they even get paid for it. Don’t be afraid, go to their office hours or come after the lecture and speak about your concerns. Most probably, they will be glad to help you, because they will see that you’re motivated to understand their subject.

See, it’s not about study methods – it’s about habits! Start developing these habits and become the witness of your own academic success!