Eating is an inevitable part of our daily life. All people know that human body cannot live without food but only a few realize that healthy food can stimulate our brain activity. Eating so-called “brain foods” can make students perform better and receive higher grades. However, it is strongly recommended to balance healthy diet with regular physical activities. You may wonder how food can help me while studying? What should I eat to perform well? How can eating lead to higher grades? All answers to these questions you may find on

Breakfast is essential.

It is a well-known fact that nowadays many students do not have breakfast. Some of them think that it is unnecessary, others say that they simply have no time for it. But students should pay close attention to such fact as eating breakfast has a strong influence on their performance.  Students who do not skip healthy breakfast have higher energy levels and perform better while studying. It was also found that healthy breakfast can positively influence behavioral and emotional state, thus leading to higher grades.

Vitamins are crucial for proper body functioning.

Every student should note that meeting daily intake of vitamins and minerals will guarantee a good functioning of the organism. Please note that vitamin B and iron are vital sources of energy, they maintain your physical and mental state in good condition resulting in good learning ability. To receive vitamin B, you should eat nuts, whole-grains, eggs, etc. Foods that contain iron are spinach, red meat, and cereals. Also it is necessary to eat fish. You may ask “why?” Because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for proper functioning of brain, helping us be more attentive and focused.

Fruit and dark chocolate are “brain foods”.

Fruits are very healthy food for your brain. Many fruits contain antioxidants and different essential nutrients, therefore, whenever you go to classes or library, pack your bag with bananas, apples, oranges, and clementines. Students may not know but dark chocolate can improve your memory and raise blood flow to the brain, increasing clarity.

Sticking to these recommendations will keep your brain and body in good condition. That is why eating right can help students to study better.