The CIO website is about new technologies and how they affect business and private lives. The website has several pages that give information about diverse topics. These are topics such as breaking news in the world of technology, advertised information technology jobs, emerging trends and pullouts from the CIO magazine. The website is colorful, easy to use and is highly interactive. It has a blog which provides information and gives registered users a chance to put forward their opinions.

The website is highly functional and has graphical slides that move across the screen in slow motions. These slides enable the viewer to read bits of catchy information at a glance. The interesting nature of the slides makes it hard for the viewer not to click and read more for further information. In addition to the slides, there are other pages that enable a user to listen to previously recorded debates and interviews regarding technology.

In keeping up with the latest technological trends, the website even allows some of its staff to post messages to the homepage through social media sites like twitter. This facilitates quick and easy updates which in turn makes the site particularly relevant. Furthermore, a user can link a page or article that they find appealing to their social media site, and thus make the document viewable by many other people. As if that was not enough, ardent fans of the website can follow it or access it through twitter, facebook, linked in and other social media websites.

The website is not only accessible via computer and has a mobile phone view. This means that a user can access the CIO website from any place through their mobile phones. The users can, therefore, receive news from the website in real time. Users of the site can even subscribe for the newsletter, which is a weekly publication. The information on the website is disseminated in different forms. These forms include written word, graphs, diagrams, sound and videos. The website also provides numerous links to other related stories from different websites. The links are particularly entertaining and ensure that the readers of the website are constantly up-to-date with the latest cutting edge technology. The magazine also generates a list of one hundred companies that are technologically adept, and use their technologies to deliver business value. The website explains the judging criteria used in generating the list and the process. The use of relevant technology in business creates a competitive advantage, leads to optimization of business processes, and improves the staff and customer morale.

This website is a resource that is almost free to users. They only pay a meager internet connection fee. The major source of funds comes from the advertisers who pay to have their brands advertised on the website. Most of the advertised brands on the website are technology, and software providers whose products target the business world. Some of the advertisements are from companies like Trend Micro, Avaya, CA technologies and twitter. There are a lot of benefits that accrue to a business which advertises itself on the CIO website. First, the company’s brand image is improved by advertising in the world-renowned magazine. It also increases brand visibility and, hence, boosts sales.

The most remarkable issue for an advertiser to determine before advertising on a website is his desired target audience. The CIO magazine is targeted at young professionals and mid-size companies in the technological and business fields. The advertisers must, therefore, aim at reaching such a lot when advertising their products on the CIO website.