Too high expectations usually lead nowhere, except to disappointment. This truth is especially vivid in our relations with other people. Lowering your expectations of others will save you from unnecessary suffering in your life as well as in the lives of other people. So it’s a high time to stop:

Expecting everybody to agree with you.
You deserve a happy life and should not let the opinion of others make you forget this. On the other hand, you should also remember that nobody is obliged to live up to your expectations. The more you approve of yourself, the less approval you need from the outside. Dare to be what you want to be. The reflection in the mirror has to be your only competitor, not other people. Do not be discouraged by somebody’s success. Your happiness is about your own path.

Expecting somebody to change all of a sudden.
If someone’s certain kind of behavior annoys you and you hope it will change in some time, it will probably not. If you really need changes, you’d better be honest with the person to tell how you really feel. Nevertheless, you can’t change everybody and you should not even try. Either accept people as they are, or continue your life journey without this or that person.

Expecting everybody to like you.
You may feel unworthy and indifferent to somebody, but you can be priceless to another person. Never forget what you are worth and surround yourself only by those who cherish you. No matter how good you treat people, there is always somebody to criticize you. Ignore those people and go on your way. Nowadays everything forces all the people to be alike and the chances of loosing yourself are really high. Calling you names because you are different is OK as it means that you fight for being unique. Being original means using unique approaches to everything, including writing your academic papers. Here is to help you.