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Summertime is ahead. It is ideal time for travelling to the end of the world. Nowadays travelers carry with them dozens of gadgets. If you open a bag, there you will find dozens of computers, digital cameras, battery chargers, hotspots, not to mention the cables that join all those devices. They are all important, but wants to emphasize the importance of some non-tech items that can be more valuable for a traveler. So, here they are:

    • A knife, especially a good one is invaluable on the road. You can either cut food, open wine or clip nails. Choose Swiss Army knives like this.
    • If you are disconnected from PayPal, cash becomes more valuable than the quantity of bills. For such situations a secret wallet would be of great help. There are wallets which are designed to fool, like the Belt Bank.
    • Ear plugs are essential if you have a snoring travel mate beside and your white noise app left at home. Soft silicon is warmed and molded to your ear filling all the free spaces. This is also the best remedy for cutting down jet noise during a flight or the sound of the ukulele, oh, by the way, the ukulele! It is the next point of our chart of necessary things needed for travelling.
    • Ukulele is the happiest musical instrument. It is always the source of entertainment, especially if you can’t play it!! Moreover, it is easy to carry and cheap enough not to worry about it too much during your trip.

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