Best educational apps for students

“Educational”, or, in other words, such which is intended to educate and enlighten, is a widely used adjective meant to describe the main purpose of all the means and tools for studying. Among those tools, apps for studying should be distinguished as the most helpful for modern students. However, a huge variety of app offerings often make it difficult to make the right choice. With the help of our short guide on the best educational apps, it will be much easier to improve your studying efforts and expand your knowledge.


A huge portfolio of higher education courses (mainly in science), which edX suggests on the not-for-profit basis is a perfect opportunity to broaden your knowledge with the help of both timed and self-paced classes. The courses are free, except for those semester-long courses for undergraduate and graduate credits.

Khan Academy

The completely free tutorials with exercises will impress you with generous language and video subtitles support. Its objective is to provide “a world-wide education for everyone” and help students to both improve the existing knowledge and discover new interesting topics.


It is a perfect companion for your studying process as it keeps on track all your homework and is responsible for reminding to complete your tasks on time. Its another advantage is that Studious determines the behaviors of your phone making it vibrate or be completely silent during classes, depending on the settings you’ve specified before.

My Study Life

Another educational app with the assistance of which you’ll find it easier to manage your student life is My Study Life. It allows a student to add, store and synchronize his or her classes, home tasks and exams. Moreover, My Study Life enables a student to share timetables with teachers and classmates as well as reminds about unfinished assignments or upcoming tests.


An app with the help of which you can create, edit, copy and share your digital flashcards without charge, also provides you with an opportunity to quiz yourself, keep track of the personal progress and synchronize all your information with the devices you possess. 


Talks videos is a unique platform for personal development, with the help of which each student can get to know more about other people’s experience. This app doesn’t bear educational purpose only, but is aimed at influencing people’s outlook and shaping our general perception of the world: the way it was, the way it is and the way it should or will be.


It is an app which helps the students to create and format bibliographies quickly, easy, without pain and endless efforts to arrange the information properly. Moreover, EasyBib is simple in the usage. Just visit the site, choose the appropriate source and click the bottom format to get a correct automatically changed bibliography.


Useful innovative memory app for students. Brain Training App for android and iphone that really works. Your exams will be prepared in time using this app. It’s your best study strategy! Try it now for free on App Store and Google Play!

Other helpful and worth mentioning apps for students that have a bit specific purpose are Periodic Table, which helps to learn more about the elements and is more useful for Chemistry students and Star Walk, which provides the students with the information about celestial bodies and celestial events.

Get smarter with these educational apps, designed specially for you!