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In order to become a real lady or gentleman you have to possess certain knowledge in the field of etiquette. will introduce you some of them, so the next time you get an invitation for a dinner party, you will be prepared:

    • Bring a present. If you are invited for a party, it is polite to buy a small present like some food or drink. Note that it does not have to be the most expensive bottle of wine in the department store. You can bring something not expensive or even made by yourself. Bringing a gift is a sign that you are pleased to visit this party.
    • Learn silverware rules. Among all multiple forks and spoons set up on the table, begin with the one that is the farthest from the plate and move inside. To speak about drinks, they must be placed on the right of the plate. Get acquainted with silverware rules to become a real lady or gentleman.
    • Turn off the phone. It is an obligation as answering calls during dinner is rude. Texting at the table is also prohibited. Instead you should focus on the food and the guests.
    • Be polite. It is important to make sure you finish chewing before saying something, as it is unacceptable to speak with your mouth filled with food. Also, do not cut the food on your plate apart at once. You should cut one piece at a time.
    • Write a thank-you note. After the party it would be nice to send your hostess a thank-you note. It should not be too detailed. Simply express gratitude for inviting you and pay compliments for the dishes the hostess cooked. Sending a thank-you note is a sign of your good manners and appreciation.

We hope that you will find the mentioned above information helpful. Note that mastering the art of etiquette is rather long and time-consuming, but we are ready to write your homework in academic writing for you to free your time for the pursuit of becoming a real lady or gentleman.

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