Dear Mrs. Smith,

Our company, ABC Ltd, is considerably concerned about problems with our cooperation.
During the time of our partnership, you have proved to be a reliable supplier who provides quality products. We highly value our relationships with your company and seek to gain a mutual benefit.

However, there have recently been a number of delays in delivery, which led to undesirable consequences for our company, such as delays in receiving our payments and other serious matters. I would like to remind you that according to our agreement with your company, you have an obligation to deliver the ordered supplies within five working days after the day of order placement.
I have attempted to reach your company via telephone and electronic mails, but the endeavour was unsuccessful. Please note that mutual communication is important for our cooperation, and it is crucial to maintain contact.

Due to serious consequences of the delays, our company cannot maintain fixed working conditions. Therefore, in case you do not fulfil the obligations embodied in the agreement, ABC Ltd will be forced to look for another supplier of stationery. Nevertheless, it is a highly undesirable alternative for us due to our long-term successful cooperation. That is why we insist on making efforts to deliver the next ordered goods in time and avoiding the same troubles in the future.

Please inform me whether you are able to find a means to meet our requirements. It would be highly appreciated if you could give your reply by e-mail because the question is of immediate concern. In case we do not get your reply in seven days, we will have to terminate our agreement with all ensuing consequences.
Hope for your understanding and support.

Sincerely yours, Name


Welcome to our team! This is a guide to workplace etiquette for new employees. Please read this information carefully in order to have an idea about company’s requirements. Our company has the greatest respect for all employees and that is why we have developed rules that will allow each one to feel comfortable and organized and will help to avoid possible misunderstandings. Please pay attention that the guide is divided into subsections that describe definite regulations.

Being Late

Our office is open from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m. An employee is allowed to choose their working hours on their own within this period. It is possible due to the electronic system, which fixes the time of entering and leaving the office as well as going for lunch. It is important that one has a total of forty working hours a week. If an employee has less working hours (it does not concern vacations and sick leave), they will be informed of the necessity to make a choice, namely either to overwork the next week or to pay a compensation fee (excluded from monthly earnings). If an employee has a bigger number of working hours, it may be compensated for them but only in case there has been a necessity to overwork (confirmed by the head of the department). That is why lateness in our company is simply impossible. We have done our best to create the most convenient working conditions for our team.

Being Sick

Our company is much concerned about the health of our employees. We are not interested in people who continue working being ill because it significantly decreases their working efficiency. What is more, sick employees may communicate a disease to other workers. That is why we provide paid sick leave for our team. Each person who works in our company may take twelve sick days a year to take care about their own health or about their family member’s health. If more days are necessary, an employee takes their vacation days or gets an unpaid leave. If one gets sick, they need to inform the head of their department and the HR department about the fact.


All employees have a right to take a vacation. Our company values its employees and provides paid vacation days. The number of them differs taking into account the duration a person has worked in the company. For those who have worked for less than two years, the paid vacation is ten days a year. Moreover, for those who have worked from two to five years, is fifteen days a year. Furthermore, those people who have worked for more than five years in the company get an advantage of twenty days of paid vacation a year. Our strategy of providing paid vacations for workers proves that we value long-term cooperation with our employees and give benefits to those who have been long enough with us. It is necessary to request holidays beforehand, no later than two weeks before the appointed date. What is more, one should get approval from the head of the department first, and only then to write to the HR department about their wish. It is important because a head of the department must have a possibility to coordinate the working process to avoid the production loss. In three days after addressing the HR department, the employee gets a confirmation of their vacation leave.

Dress Code

The dress code in our company is not too strict. However, employees should have a business look because many of them work with clients and suppliers. The appropriate style is “business casual”. It will be useful to pay attention to clothes which are not acceptable in our company, namely sportswear, beachwear, miniskirts, transparent clothes, shorts, tops, T-shirts, colourful socks, and sandals. Make sure you look respectable and elegant.


Our company has got many rivals in the market, while to be competitive, it is extremely important that the internal company information is confidential. That is why all new employees have to sign an agreement of confidentiality. It concerns all business and financial information that one may learn during the working process as well as the salary details of each employee.

Using Social Media

Social networks such as Twitter or Facebook got extremely popular. They may be essential for keeping in touch with friends, but the management of our company considers using social networks to be a waste of time. Although one may manage their time, during working hours, social media is prohibited. However, the regulations permit them to spend their time this way during the lunch break. In our company, it is believed that the use of social media during working hours considerably distracts people from their work and decreases the work efficiency.

Email Etiquette

Our employees are supposed to be business-like during their communication with partners. To make electronic letters look well-organized, it is necessary to use a salutation (ex.: Dear Mr. Welson), to distinguish different topics in separate short paragraphs, not to over- capitalize, to use punctuation marks properly, and to put your signature at the end (ex.: Yours sincerely, Jack Nicholson). Following these simple rules will make an e-mail look clear and friendly.

IT Facilities for Personal Use

Using IT facilities for personal needs is not prohibited in our company. However, one should not take advantage of the opportunity. Overusing IT facilities will not make an employee a credit. For example, it is okay if one needs to print a few pages for personal needs, but it will not be welcome if one makes a full book copy wasting working time and office supplies.

Having Problems at Work

If an employee has definite problems at work, if they cannot solve these problems on their own, they have to ask the qualified specialists for help. If the problem concerns their working duties, the question must be addressed to the head of the department. If some of the equipment or software does not work properly, one may consult the information technology department. For all other issues, please get in touch with HR department representatives. The best way to address questions, which are not urgent, is via an e-mail because it gives the addressee a possibility to tackle one’s question when they are not busy. For urgent issues, please do not hesitate to use telephone calls.

Breaking Rules

Workplace etiquette is important for every member of a team if they want to work in a friendly and organized environment. Our company has designed this guide taking the wishes of employees into consideration. The general policy towards employees is very loyal, but there are definite rules, which must be strictly followed. Hereby, breaking these rules is prohibited. In case it happens, a breaker will face consequences that may differ taking into consideration the case. For example, for using social media during working hours, an employee may get a penalty, but for disclosure of company’s confidential information they will face dismissal. That is why it is important that all members of our team are tolerant towards each other and towards the company rules.

We hope that this information is useful and clear to all the new employees of the company. Nevertheless, if any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact HR department for explanations.