It is very important to be unique. Nobody in this world is identical to you, so take your time to define your personal tastes, manner, and fashion. Create your own style. Here are some simple tips to help you.

Nine secrets of fashionable look

1. Look for You Style Icons. There are no same people. Everybody is different. So, why not to combine several fashionable looks, mix some Kardashian, Laurens, Johansson and create your own, extraordinary style.

2. Name Your Style. Get some photos from the Internet. Compare the outlooks and manners, and describe them with a few words. Are they graceful, inspiring, elegant, or casual? Choose several words that meet your preferences and you will see how it will help you in the future.

3. Note Your Best Moments. The days, you feel yourself on top, are perfect days to notice how you are dressed. Your subconscious chooses the right outfit and helps you to create your own image.

4. Pick Your Zest. All superstars have their own special attributes such as sunglasses, a piece of jewelry, or even ballet flats. Be ingenious, maybe a pair of weird earrings or a leopard coat would make everybody remember you forever.

5. Keep to Your Preferences. If some piece prevails in your wardrobe, it means that you are fond of it. So, why not to build your style basing on the things you already have. Just find something to combine them with and voilà!

6. Find an Odd One Out. Among all the clothing ideas, it is of utmost importance to define the clothes that may spoil your looks. Even if it is your favorite embroidered blouse, but it does not go with the chosen style, forget about it.

7. Use Your Strong Points. Long eyelashes, slim waist, or big breast, your body will help you with the choice. Emphasize your strongest features with appropriate clothes or accessories and impress the people around you.

8. Remember About Appearance. It is important to have various clothes and accessories. So, to be fully armed, go to for some best fashion inspiration ideas. However, remember: your beauty creates the style, not the things.

9. Learn Yourself. Keep to the clothes that make you feel like you are on the top. Choose the pieces of clothes that combine perfectly with you and the chosen style. Do not exaggerate and overplay. Remember, you know yourself as nobody else does.