It’s not a secret that nowadays there is a disturbing rise in binge drinking among young people. The majority of college students regularly enjoy a drink in spite of knowing damaging effects of alcohol on their health condition. Therefore, college binge drinking is quite a serious issue in today’s society. When students get in college, they leave home and start doing different foolish things. Some students begin smoking, others may even start taking drugs. They become free, find new friends, and try to fit in their company. It should be noted that some students choose not to drink alcohol at all. There are also cases when students at least do not drink to the extent that they lose control. However, there is a big amount of students who dominate college social life and encourage binge drinking culture in college.

As a student, you may think that your drinking behavior cannot count as binge drinking since your friends do the same thing and there is nothing to worry about. You can think that excessive drinking is normal and there is nothing wrong as your parents also drank while in college. Unfortunately, you are wrong since underage binge drinking can lead to very serious consequences. Very often, a wide range of students experience negative outcomes because of extensive alcohol use. Binge drinking may result in alcohol-related accidents, health problems, unprotected sex, and bad academic performance. If your academic results may be improved with the help of, it cannot aid you in case of health problem or unwanted pregnancy.

Being a college student means taking smart and serious decisions about your future. Of course, one glass of wine does not make you an alcoholic, but it always starts from this one glass. As you are a clever and responsible person who wants and deserves successful and healthy future life, it is only you who should take right, wise decisions to lead a full and wonderful life!