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Develop Your Business Writing Skills (with Examples)

TASK 1 Dear Mrs. Smith, Our company, ABC Ltd, is considerably concerned about problems with our cooperation. During the time…

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Writing an Excellent Ethics Paper

Writing a good paper goes beyond good knowledge of the content and the subject. However, knowledge of the content in…

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How to Create a Good Essay

Research work of students is one of the most important forms of educational process. It allows the student to start…

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The Easy Steps to a Good Response Paper

When students hear about such type of writing as a “response paper”, they are apt to assume that it presupposes…

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Tips on How to Write a Research Paper Introduction

Completing a High-profile Introduction for a Research Paper However difficult the research might be, sometimes writing an introduction takes much…

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How to Proofread an Essay

Proofreading tips and techniques from experts Good proofreading skills are absolutely necessary for everyone who’s dealing with writing. Regardless of…

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Effective Tips for PowerPoint Presentations: Get the Most of Them!

What do you feel when you hear the terms ‘presentation’ or ‘public speech’? Most probably, you cannot stay indifferent getting…

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Writing Fast and Without Procrastination

Ways to Do an Essay Quickly and Without Procrastination Just imagine that your written assignment is due in a couple…

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Tips for Writing a Good Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a kind of paper, in which you have to establish a certain position on some topic…

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Amazing Psychology Essay Topics for Creating Engaging Papers

Large Database of Intriguing Psychology Essay Topics Before starting writing your paper, you need to read the task attentively to…

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Top Question about Writing Services Answered

The Effects of Dissertation Writing Services on Higher Education I have finished university 10 years ago, but my younger brother…

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Ways to Achieve Success in College

Do you want to become a successful college student? This ‘how to succeed in college’ essay is here to help…

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How to Get on With Your Housemates in Shared Student Accommodation

The idea of living with someone you’ve never met sounds scary. The fact that you’ll probably have to do it…

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The Best Tips Regarding Fresher’s Week

It’s a well-known fact that across the whole country, a lot of new students are full of much excitement as…

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Practical Guide on How to Survive First Year at University

First Year at University: Here We Go! For most students, freshers week is a troublesome period: a new place, new…

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