Writing a book report for college might be different from the reports you used to write at high school. If you want to know how to write a book report college level, you are just at the right place – read on the article and find out what a premium-quality book report looks like.

While at high school, you were more likely to write a summative task, in college you will be required not only to summarize the book but also provide a critical review (thus applying your analytical skills).

Tips on how to write a book report college level:

  1. Prepare a summary

To properly summarize the book and not to overlook any important details, you must read it. It might be really tempting to browse the Internet and find some brief narrations or reviews, but, believe me, your professor will detect it straightaway. With such approach, you won’t be able to provide an efficient book report.

When you summarize the main ideas of the book, make sure you do it briefly and concisely. Do not delve too much into plot narration and description of all the events that happened to the main characters. Remember that your core part of the book review should be devoted to critical analysis. Just make sure you provide the most important information that will help the reader understand in general what you will write about. Some professors do not require a book summary in your book review at all, especially if it expected that your target audience has read the book under analysis.

  1. Switch over to the book analysis

The analysis should be the main part of the book review. Apart from providing facts from the book and narrating what you have read about, you need to logically organize your thoughts regarding the core events, symbols, motifs, characters’ interactions, etc. and provide a critical analysis. When providing the analysis, keep in mind that you won’t be able to properly cover all the aspects present in the book. Therefore, choose 2-3 most significant aspects that you would like to pay attention to and analyze them closely and in detail. It is recommended that you also include personal reflection or opinion. It is really important when you provide book evaluation.

  1. Going beyond the scope of the book

This paper section is optional depending on the paper requirements, but if your professor has included this assignment into your paper description, you should definitely pinpoint how the book relates to some of the pressing issues of the modern world. When relating the book to the outside world, make sure you provide illustrative examples.

  1. Writing a conclusion

Make sure you reiterate the main ideas that are worth readers’ consideration. Still, make sure you do not restate the events from the book – rather focus on what the analysis helped you learn or highlight. Make it clear whether the ideas expressed in the thesis statement were properly developed, discussed, and analyzed. In case you cannot cope with the book review assignment, you can always buy book reports from writing services online.

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