Across Ages

Across Ages

Question 1

Within the community, the issues of prevention programs have been under debate for long.  As such, there has been a lot of emphasis on the Across Ages program. Since it is a program which recognizes all ages, there has been the need to develop and efficient management system which does deal with early onset issues, and identify the syndromes regarding problem behavior.  Significantly, the Across Ages is currently being managed by an agency which is inter-ages and nonprofit. Apparently, such an agency is effective since it does consider issues dealt with by young people, while at the same time, identifying their behavior syndrome.

More significantly, the identification of such issues is extremely important when dealing with such preventive measures like Across Ages programs (Author, 2006). They are of significance since they normally deal with the concerns of children, the youth and older adults.  Furthermore, the consideration of such issues has led to the development of interregional programs within the relevant communities.  In addition, there has been the assistance of professionals and organizations to streamline and focus on efficiently run the Across Ages program.

Question 2

The participation of children, the youth and adults does hugely assist them in improving not only their self esteem, but also gives them an efficient role to play within the society. Apparently, the participants do benefit through several activities. For example, there are decision making lessons, problem solving skills, but more significantly, there is empowering of community awareness.

The members who keenly undertake these activities with key interests do normally develop strong relationships not only among themselves, but also with other community members. Evidently, the participation in such programs does educate the members to reinforce their relationships. Moreover, there is the avocation of developing efficient ways of dealing with the challenges and shortcomings in the path of becoming role models within the society.

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