Do you want to know how to learn faster? The acceleration of any learning process isn’t about spending more hours, but about maximizing the effectiveness of your actions. Since in this article we share with you the ways to learn faster and more efficiently, you will certainly benefit from reading it.

Ways to Retain Most of the Information You Learn

Unless you’re gifted with a photographic memory, you can’t naturally remember all the facts, experiences and pieces of information you encounter in your life. Therefore, you need to know the methods to make the learning process more effective. First of all, let’s take a look at the theory.

Multiple studies show that humans can remember:

  • 5% from what they’ve heard
  • 10% from what they’ve read
  • 20% from what they’ve seen in a video
  • 50% from what they’ve discussed in a group
  • 75% from what they’ve practiced
  • 90% from what they’ve used right away or taught others

In the meantime, the most popular learning methods we tend to use are classroom lectures, books, and videos. As a result, we lose 80-95% of information immediately. How to fix this problem and how to memorize anything faster? It’s simple. Instead of focusing on passive methods of learning, pay maximum attention to the participatory methods. In this way, you’ll get a better result in less time.

The ways to make this shift include:

  • Speaking with native speakers, when learning a language, instead of reading books;
  • Working with a personal trainer, when learning a sport, instead of watching workout videos;
  • Finding a music teacher, when learning to play an instrument, instead of browsing YouTube.

Okay, now you’re going to say that you lack either time or money for that. Everyone, including myself, has made this excuse at least once in a lifetime. Yes, I know that there are only 24 hours in every day. But what about young millionaires, motivation speakers, successful athletes, people who know 5 languages or can play 7 instruments – all of them don’t have any extra minute apart from these 24 hours. How do they manage to do all this? They know how to maximize their effectiveness and don’t waste their time on needless activities.

You can spend much time on watching multiple short YouTube tutorials. But it won’t be as effective as taking private lessons, communicating and practicing with someone who knows how to do this. If you select the most efficient learning method from the very beginning, you can shave off months and even years of struggle with cheaper but much less effective alternatives.

Use these studying tips to save your time in the long run. Make the most of what you have. Focus on the solutions that will have a maximum impact on your skill. Acquire new skills every day with the help of the most effective methods. Retain over 90% of what you learn for your success!