Studying is not an easy task in the modern word. There is so many things we should learn.

You can become a successful students if you apply these study tips

  • Complete your home assignments!
  • Speak with your teacher! Meet with your teacher and ask questions in case you need additional advice.
  • Summarize your notes! Try to create mind maps after each class!
  • Make sure you understand if you can meet the objectives provided by your teacher!
  • Be ready to explain the terminology!
  • Be honest with yourself! Make sure you comprehend the given information completely!
  • Write down the questions that appear during your homework and ask your teacher!
  • Teach your friends! It will help you try teacher’s profession.
  • Learn on your own! If you missed classes, study at home!
  • Apart from these success tips, there are some more good study habits to follow:


A lot of students forget about their homework as soon as they complete it. In order to improve your studying productivity, reread your homework before going to bed. This will help you stay prepared for your lesson, as well as make sure you understood everything correctly.


In order to improve student performance, one must make not only daily but also weekly reviews. You tend to forget more than half of the material that you have learnt during 24 hours and go on forgetting more as time flies. Find the time for daily and weekly reviews to avoid learning everything from the beginning. After getting used to such a system, you will soon forget much less, undoubtedly remember more, and of course, be more efficient during the tests.


Rereading your notes or reviewing everything systematically does not really prepare you for a test. All this is treated as a passive way of studying. If you want to achieve the best productivity level, you should also mind creating a Table of a Contents Sheet, where you write down the most important notes, as well as recite them loudly later. Reading is not bad; however, reciting is much more efficient as your voice, ears and eyes are to work to help you. The following tips will improve your reading skills:

  • Look up and write down unknown words.
  • Take notes of the most important facts.
  • Take your time while reading; do not miss anything.
  • Organize learning groups to prepare for tests.
  • Ask more experienced readers for help – they will help you improve your skills.