The term export is defined by thefreedictionary as the act of shipping goods and services out of the port of a country. Thus export in the fashion industry can be defined as the act of shipping fashion goods as well as services out of the origin country. An example is the Toyota Company in Japan that exports secondhand cars to other parts of the world.


Import is also defined by thefreedictionary as to bring from outside country for trade or sell. Thus in the fashion industry import means the act of bring fashion from another foreign country into the own country for trade purposes. Toyota also imports most of its raw materials used in vehicle production.

Local buying to importation

There has been concern whether consumers prefer locally made textiles or imported ones and what accounts for the choice made. In my case I will advocate for locally made textiles to imported ones. There are several reasons why I do advocate for locally made textiles and these include;

  • The local textile industry employs a great number of locals and if supported it has the potential of employing more thus supporting the economy.
  • Lastly but not least is the issue of social and moral implications which are to be considered. Child laws, safety laws and worker hours are issues some countries flout and as thus should not be supported but better by employing local vendors where working protection laws are stronger.

Other student postings

One of the students was arguing for imports rather than buying locally manufactured goods. The reasons given are that imports are likely to increase and foster globalization which will create understanding across the world and thus a more peaceful world. Of course this is great but peace will always be there if people at home are first satisfied before they can go looking from outside.

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