Nowadays, there are many misconceptions about the healthy diet. If you cannot touch French fries without feeling guilty and constantly avoid egg yolk, you are certainly affected by the common diet myths. Learn how to sort out misconceptions by reading through the worst diet tips that should always be avoided.

Famous misconceptions about weight loss diet

  • If you eat fat, you become fat

According to famous nutritionists, there are fats that will never lead to weight gain. These are good fats that can be found in salmon, nuts, and avocados. They increase general health and protect heart. On the other hand, fats in cookies, chips, and greasy foods increase cholesterol levels causing different diseases and stimulating weight gain.

  • Stop snacking if you want to lose weight

This tip is wrong because eating small portions is a healthier choice than eating 2-3 times per day. Snacks that include nuts, yogurts, and fruits help to curb hunger and provide you with more energy during the day.

  • You should count calories

Dieticians claim that not all calories are the same. The effect of a certain amount of calories a person consumes during a day depends on timing and quality of food. For instance, 50 calories found in an apple cause different reactions in the human body from those 50 calories found in a cake.

  • Consume more proteins

It is wrong to assume than focusing on protein and avoiding foods not to eat will help you lose weight. The matter is that our body needs three important macronutrients to function properly: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. When a person cuts on fat and carbohydrates, there are higher risks of serious health problems.

When you cannot find the reason of your weight gain, reread the worst diet tips and think what you might be doing wrong. Consider these tips not to follow for your diet, make wise food choices, and learn how to lose weight easily!