Summer is almost over and it is high time to pack your suitcases for college! While moving is usually an intimidating process, make sure you have a checklist of all the necessary things needed for you in the dorm not to miss anything essential in your packing.
Then it is advisable to divide the things from the list into 2 categories: the things you WANT to take with you and the things you really NEED. It will help you to narrow down the number of items. In case you are confused about the essentials for the dorm, here is the ultimate list, kindly offered by QualityQustomEssays. Well, let’s go:

First aid kit
. It is a must-have in your dorm room. The thing is that studying is not only hanging out with group mates, so get ready to some headaches. The campus store might be closed the moment when you need a painkiller, so having a first aid kit is a smart decision.

Underbed storage boxes. Typically the dorm rooms are small, that is the reason why it is wise to think of some underbed storage while moving in. It is advisable to store there the things you don’t use very often. In such a way you will save space and avoid cluttering. Take 2 or so storage boxes for the things you can’t leave at home.

Small fridge. If you are annoyed with the need to sign every product you put into a shared fridge, opt for a personal one. In your mini fridge you can store all your favorite healthy snacks and share it with your roommates. Students eat much due to a heavy workload, so always try to have something to grab a bite!

Laptop. I bet you placed it as #1 item in your moving list of the most needed things! It is really so! First of all, with access to the Internet you will stay connected not only with your family, but the whole world, not to mention your irreplaceable helper with your academic writing assignments! If you are still not acquainted with us, it is high time to do this right now!

Remember that living in the dormitory and student life as a whole is a very exciting period of life, so let good packing help you to enjoy it! Follow the above mentioned tips and have fun!