Diverse Topics for Writing Quality Essays

If you are assigned to create an argumentative essay, you have to be particularly attentive to choosing the topic. You will be required to examine it thoroughly and present your opinion about it. Since your position has to be supported with compelling arguments, you will need to undertake extensive research to collect enough data about the topic. It is necessary to admit that picking an appropriate subject must be the most complicated thing about this type of papers. However, you should not get upset, as there are a lot of interesting themes which you can choose from.

Choosing an Argumentative Essay Topic

There is a lot of work one has to do before starting the writing process. That is why it is essential to be interested in the topic you are going to write a paper on. Otherwise, you will get annoyed when conducting research. Still, it does not mean that you have to be aware of all details about the chosen topic. You will find out all the missing points while gathering material. This is the very aspect that makes such an assignment interesting.

Even though you find the picked topic appealing, it does not mean that your academic work has to be focused on its positive aspects only.
You may highlight one of the points which you disagree with and try to prove it. When exploring the opposing opinion on the matter, you will be able to broaden your outlook and learn more about the topic you are examining.

If you look through the points presented below, it will be easier for you to choose the theme that will help you produce a great piece of writing. In case you cannot prepare an argumentative essay on your own, feel free to turn to our experts for assistance

Topics Relating to GMO

The organisms the DNA of which has been altered in an artificial way are called genetically modified (abbreviated to GMO). The technologies that are applied to modifying DNA, i.e. gene technology, genetic engineering and others, let extract the genes from one organism and implement them in another one. Since the issue of GMO is very popular at present, many students are assigned to write papers about it.

If you are also supposed to produce an essay about GMO, we recommend you to have a look at the lists of topics we have compiled. Perhaps the suggested items will help you decide on the topic of your paper.

  1. The threat posed by GMO.
  2. GMO – the mutation that causes gene abnormalities.
  3. Is it safe to eat GMO food?
  4. The effect of GMO products on people’s health.
  5. Myths about GMO products.
  6. Insight into the future of the animals with modified DNA.
  7. The influence of GMO on ecology.
  8. Pros and cons of eating GMO food.
  9. What do people living outside the USA think about GMO?
  10. Why are different kinds of genetically modified grain and other crops harmful to people?
  11. Why are the genetically modified organisms prohibited in the majority of European countries but not in the USA? How have the laws on using GMO changed?
  12. Can the genetically modified organisms prevent the world hunger?
  13. GMO as a key to the economically efficient future.
  14. Can genetically engineered organisms improve the quality of people’s lives?
  15. Should GMO be legalized?

 Social Issues: Racial Topics

Unfortunately, today, there are many serious problems that worsen the situation in the world and make people’s lives unbearable. Racism caused by total ignorance and intolerance is one of the burning issues different nations have to deal with. Students are sometimes assigned to examine such a tricky matter in their writing projects. Due to its complex nature, it can be hard to choose which of its aspects to explore.

Nevertheless, with the list of subjects provided below, you will not encounter any difficulties in selecting an appropriate topic:

  1. What are the causes of racism?
  2. Racism as an unethical issue.
  3. Does racism evokes horrible feelings?
  4. Racism and homophobia: similar features.
  5. Is there any connection between religions and racism?
  6. Is it possible to justify racism in some cases?
  7. Is there any difference between stereotypes and intolerance?
  8. The impact of racism on the development of English.
  9. Selecting marriage partners depending on the race.
  10. How can professors and teachers challenge the stereotypes about different ethnic communities?
  11. Racism in sport.
  12. The influence of racism on the health care system.
  13. Anti-racist concepts in advertisements.
  14. Types of racism.
  15. Give a detailed explanation of the notion called “cultural racism.”

Writers as well as artists cannot ignore the problems, which people face every day. They describe the global issues in their literary works, paintings, and other masterpieces to help readers broaden their outlook. Without a doubt, the way artists and writers bring the issue of racism into the focus is exceptional and leaves no one indifferent. There are many novels, plays, documentaries, stories, etc. that draw people’s attention to the problem of racism.

If the abovementioned topics does not inspire you to write your essay, check the list of works presented below:

  1. “Schindler’s List” – the movie examining the genocide and economic inequality.
  2. “Invisible Man” – the novel depicting black nationalism.
  3. “Sula” – the literary work describing racial segregation.
  4. “A Raisin in the Sun” – the play touching on the American Dream and racism.
  5. “Their Eyes Were Watching God” – the masterpiece concentrated on racial inequality.

Eating Disorders: Obesity Topics

It is no secret that obesity is one of the acute diseases nowadays. Even the popularization of healthy eating and physical exercises does not help solve the problem. Such a disease may strike people of different age. An excess weight has an extremely negative influence on people’s health even if they seem absolutely happy and joyful. We would like to offer you to browse the list of themes relating to obesity. Perhaps you will find some topics worth being explored and highlighted in your essay. You are free to either reword them or leave them as they are.

We have tried to pick the most appealing topics concerning obesity:

  1. The connection between people’s lifestyle and obesity.
  2. Can obesity be considered an international problem? Support your opinion with strong evidence.
  3. How can the mass media impact the rates of obesity?
  4. What is the character of obesity: chronic or non-chronic?
  5. Can breastfeeding prevent children obesity?
  6. Can social and economic factors cause obesity?
  7. Examine the problem of obesity in the USA and the countries of Asia.
  8. Obesity-related cultural issues in China and India.
  9. Is there a connection between the obesity and resistance to insulin?
  10. The relation between the heart attack, obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  11. Women during the menopause: obesity and bone diseases.
  12. Obesity treatment: the function of nurses.
  13. Are there any kinds of drugs that can help cure people of obesity? Do they have any side effects? What are they?
  14. Explain the difference between the surplus weight and obesity. How can healthy food and regular physical exercises help treat obesity?
  15. Should authorities take some measures to prevent obesity? What legal acts can help solve the problem?

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