Today students are faced with a conflict in the education system – invest time and effort in gaining personal knowledge or chase good grades and please teachers. In a perfect system, the above would be synonymous, but unfortunately, education as we know it today is not all about learning. There are different academic success requirements and they involve many aspects, which will be examined at length. So which approach to studying is worth employing and why?

Let’s examine the goal of getting good grades and pleasing teachers. To achieve this, one has to meet the immediate requirements of studying and form good relations with the teachers and faculty. While this is commendable and will raise your reputation in the eyes of your teachers, colleagues, and family as well as make you appear quite successful, there are some critical issues to consider. Meeting the immediate requirements can be achieved in various ways. More often than not, a student who makes this his end goal will be willing to cheat to get the grade. While it is important to meet the immediate academic requirements, they should be looked at in context of the big picture of your education and academic success. Hypothetically, you may cheat and copy the answers to questions of a critical topic and get an excellent grade, but failing to study this topic may lead to the further misunderstanding of the whole course. Similarly, making a good impression on your teacher is important. But it can also be accomplished in a positive or negative light. One should keep great relations with his teachers, expecting good grades, but also backing this with a solid knowledge of the subject.

Making the gaining of knowledge a primary goal, even when hurting your immediate grades or relations with the teachers, is a brave move. This approach to study yields huge success in studying the long run, but probably will not be recognized immediately. A good example of this claim is Steve Jobs, a college drop-out, who went on to found a leading technology corporation – Apple.

The golden middle is the hardest to find, but it will probably get you closer to the desired result. To get help with writing term papers on your road to academic success, simply visit for professional assistance with your essay writing.