College greatly influences all spheres of students’ life. Maybe someone will be surprised but college has enormous effect on health condition. When in college, students experience some health problems. They include stress, sleep deprivation, depression, weight gain, and others. Feeling good is very important for every person. Health is the greatest treasure in our life, therefore, it is crucial to take care of it. There is no life absent good health condition. As college times are a little bit stressing period of our life, you should be aware of 5 most common ways college can affect your health condition. Look through 5 most common ways in order to be ready:

  • Sleep deprivation.

When in college, students experience sleep deprivation very often. Students often find themselves in such a difficult situation as being overloaded with tons of assignments. They spend sleepless nights in a hope to cope with all their tasks but quite often it doesn’t help and only leads to health problems. So, whenever you are overloaded with your tasks, you can always contact in order to alleviate the burden.

  • Weight gain.

One of the biggest problems student may encounter with in college is weight gain. As newcomers feel scary and nervous, they tend to eat more, thus gaining weight. Also students don’t want to waste their time on normal dinner. Instead of this, they eat fast food which is rich in calories. For this very reason, it is recommendable to keep to a healthy diet and eating schedule.

  • Depression.

It is a known fact that students experience heightened levels of anxiety and depression. They suffer from such issues when getting used to a new environment. Depression is a very dangerous state of health, therefore, you should take immediate action. Try not to be nervous and control yourself.

  • Casual sexual affairs.

Since students start to feel free because of leaving their homes and parents, they fool around and don’t think about the consequences. Sometimes students engage in casual sexual affairs as they think it is normal since their peers do the same way. However, be ready that casual sex can bring you a lot of problems such as sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancy, sexual violence, and emotional distress. Please remember that it is better to have one reliable and beloved person than sleep around.

  • Substance abuse.

All abovementioned issues may lead to substance abuse. It is a common situation when students go on a drinking bout or start to take drugs. It’s a serious problem because it causes negative consequences. Everyone should remember that drinking or taking drugs will not save you from problems but only aggravate them.