It goes without saying that being a student is very challenging but being an international student is even more challenging. Becoming an international student can greatly change many aspects of your life. Foreign students have to overcome many obstacles since it is quite difficult to leave your home and go abroad to study. When you are a foreign student, you attract close attention. Everyone wants to talk to you and hear about your country’s culture. In turn, international students experience culture shock and difficulties in adapting to modern American lifestyle and overcoming their homesickness. Very often, they feel lonely and hopeless. However, it is also a period of new experiences, new opportunities, and new acquaintances. It is time to become stronger and self-confident person and improve your language skills.

Here are 5 useful tips for international students which help to survive in college and develop a new social life:

Make the acquaintance of as many people as possible: most international students incline to keep together, though it is advisable to make friends with native students. American students can help you to adapt to the new environment, learn more about American culture, and improve your English.

Don’t be shy: if you decide to become an international student, you should not be shy. There are many reasons why international students feel shy but if you want to achieve success in your academic and social life, you have to overcome this obstacle. Don’t be afraid of new people and new environment, be yourself and all your dreams come true.

Speak distinctly and slowly: many international students face language barrier. Therefore, it is recommended to speak clearly and slowly so that others can easily understand you. Also if you don’t understand other students, do not shy away from asking to repeat some incomprehensible phrase.

Avoid close contact with your family: this may sound weird but too close contact with your family only worsens your mood and homesickness. The sooner you find new friends and adapt to new life, the sooner you will feel better.

Be involved in student social life: today, colleges offer many social activities to be involved in. You may visit different parties and clubs, be in students’ sororities and fraternities, or become a volunteer. Since it will take time, will help you. As for an international student, this experience will be unforgettable.

Be yourself, feel comfortable, and be sure that receiving such valuable experience as studying abroad will help you in your future life!